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Erg Distributors

Name: Joe Setton

Address: 66 Grant Ave

Address: Carteret, NY 07008

Phone: 9732213133

Email: joes@ergdistributors.com

Website: www.urgebasics.com

Industry: Electronics


Name: Alan Joseph Bauer

Title: Chief Scientist


Address: JERUSALEM, IL 94542

Phone: 972-545-942801

Email: alan@lishtot.com

Website: www.lishtot.com

Industry: Electronics

Business Bio: Inventor and Co-Found of Lishtot. Only device for personal water quality verification. Three US patents and other pending worldwide.

Business Description: Israeli Startup initially funded via a grant from the Israeli government. Unique technology allows for water quality determination in 2 seconds without any contact with water. Device being used in 50 countries at 42 US States.

Quick Chill

Name: David Chuwer

Address: Yafo 216

Address: Jerusalem, IL 92740

Phone: 97252756538

Email: dchuwer@gmail.com

Industry: Electronics

remote control

Name: rfremote

Title: RF Wireless

Address: 3050 Bowers Avenue

Address: NewYork, NY 10029

Phone: 8008208820

Email: carymart.tom@gmail.com

Website: http://www.carymart.com/

Industry: Electronics

Business Bio: How to automate the opening of your entrance portal?

Before entering a property, one is obliged to cross the gate. Often, the shape and type of opening of the gate are in perfect harmony with the location. One can then say that the portal is a protective and decorative element. With the fence, it is used to delimit a private property. The gate can be opened manually, but it can also be opened automatically.

Advantages of automatic opening
In terms of purchase price, gates with manual opening are more advantageous, but in general, they are not very practical. Every day, we risk losing several minutes. If you don't have someone available morning and evening to open and close the gate, you have to keep going back and forth. Some people will say that manually opening the portal is not that difficult. However, when it is dark or when it rains ropes, they will quickly fall apart. To avoid having to deal with these types of complications, the best solution remains the automation of the opening of its gate. Automatic opening is more comfortable and convenient. By automating your portal, you will save valuable minutes every day. You will also save strength because you will be able to remotely open and close your gate with a small wireless remote control. Plus, if your remote doesn't work properly, if you lose it, or if you want a second remote, just buy a new one.

Swing or sliding gate automatism
Whether your gate is swinging or sliding, it is possible to make its opening automatic. In general, the motor of your gate should be chosen according to the opening (swing or sliding) and the weight of the gate. Indeed, the motor power must be proportional to the gate weight. If you have a swing gate, you can choose between five types of operator, i.e. arm, cylinder, wheeled, underground or integrated into the gate. For sliding gates, there are only two possibilities: the operator with ground rail and the self-supporting operator. In principle, all gates have a slot for mounting an automated system. The motor must be mounted correctly to ensure trouble-free opening. The electrical connection and motor power must also be taken into account. In addition, you should also check the strength of the pillars that will support your rf remote gate. Do not hesitate to use your thermal weeder to keep the sliding part and electrical components clear venient.