Breaking Bread, Building Bonds dinner Unites Presidents of Chambers of Commerce’s in NYC

A Breaking Bread dinner hosted by Commissioner Kevin Kim of the Department of Small Business Services agency on November 20 was a significant event in bringing together leading presidents of the NY Citys Chambers of Commerces and community organizations. The aim of the dinner was to unite New York leaders to share a meal, connect community leaders, and engage in a conversation about the diverse cultures, communities, and traditions in the city. The event also provided a platform for networking and collaboration between the various boroughs of the city.
The presence of SBS staff and members of the Mayor's office at the dinner created a warm and welcoming networking atmosphere, allowing for open and constructive conversations among the attendees. In addition to the presidents of the Chambers of Commerce, the dinner was attended by NYC City Planning Commissioner David Gold and the newly appointed NYC Executive Director of Nightlife, Jeffrey Garcia, of Mayor Eric Adams' office.
The Breaking Bread dinner brought together the presidents of Chambers of Commerce representing different boroughs of New York City. The esteemed list of attendees included Duvi Honig, President of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, Lisa Sorin, President of The New Bronx Chamber of Commerce, Thomas J. Grech, President of the Queens Chamber of Commerce, Linda Baran, President of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, and Mark Jaffe, President of the Greater New York Chamber. This diverse representation demonstrated the coming together of leaders from all corners of the city to discuss and strategize the economic growth and development of their respective boroughs and the city as a whole.
The networking opportunities provided at the event allowed for fruitful conversations and exchange of ideas among the business leaders in attendance. Sharing insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing their communities and businesses was valuable in fostering a collaborative spirit and a unified approach to addressing common issues.
Commissioner Kim's address to the attendees highlighted the importance of future collaborations and opportunities to work together for the betterment of businesses and the city. This echoed the sentiment of unity and collaboration that was evident throughout the Breaking Bread dinner. The event was not only a platform for networking and relationship-building but also an opportunity to lay the groundwork for future partnerships and joint initiatives that will benefit the business community and the city as a whole.
The Breaking Bread dinner was a resounding success in uniting leaders from different boroughs and communities in New York City. It served as a reminder of the power of coming together over a shared meal to break down barriers and build bridges. The event exemplified the potential for collaboration and synergies that can arise when leaders from different backgrounds and sectors work together towards a common goal.
As the city continues to navigate its economic recovery and growth, events like the Breaking Bread dinner play a crucial role in fostering unity, understanding, and collaboration across different sectors and communities. The impact of such gatherings extends beyond the networking opportunities they provide, as they lay the groundwork for future partnerships and initiatives that can drive positive change and progress in the city.
In conclusion, the Breaking Bread dinner was a testament to the power of unity, collaboration, and shared dialogue in driving positive change and progress. It brought together leaders from various Chambers of Commerce and community organizations in New York City to discuss and strategize economic growth and development. The event served as an important platform for networking, relationship-building, and the laying of a foundation for future collaborations that will benefit the business community and the city as a whole. As the city continues to evolve, events like this will play a vital role in fostering unity and driving positive change.