Businesses Join Chamber

“Hundreds of Businesses Join Historic Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce” 
Within the first three days after the official launch of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (OJC), over 216 businesses from across the world enrolled for OJC membership. 
The Chamber stands as the first-ever union of all businesses related to the Jewish community. Member businesses receive enormous exposure; have special power and incentives to network with other member businesses; enjoy various upcoming OJC events and programs; and join forces to offer our community enhanced clout in the business and political spheres. 
Banks such as Investors Bank, Metropolitan Bank; major accounting firms; representatives from media outlets such as WCBS 880 and 1010 WINS; the Museum of Jewish Heritage and other iconic community institutions; and other elite businesses are now on the OJC member roster, along with an array of small and midsize community businesses, and sole proprietorships. Each member business is listed on the OJC website – – in one of dozens of business categories, and member businesses have already begun doing business with each other.  
The OJC is yet the latest groundbreaking initiative from the Parnassah Network organization. Founder and director Reb Duvi Honig admits that even he’s surprised at just how quickly and resoundingly the public is flocking to the OJC, and he’s eager to announce various exciting OJC events and programs in the upcoming months. “The power of many is worlds ahead of the power of a few,” says Reb Duvi. “The Chamber will, b’ezras Hashem, serve as a vehicle to help each member, as well as klal Yisroel as a whole.”
As a special introductory offer, the OJC has waived its $100 membership fee for the first year for businesses who sign up by October 31, 2014. Visit for more information and to sign up!