Duvi Honig Discusses Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and More on Turkish TV, with Audience in the Hundreds of Millions

Recent events around the globe are set to make a powerful impact on the US and global economies, as well as on the foreign policies of the US, Israel and other nations. 
The death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, allegedly at the hand of the Saudis in their Turkish consulate; Turkey’s release of Evangelical Pastor Andrew Brunson; the resignation of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley; and more; have topped the news in recent days – each with untold economic and diplomatic repercussions. 
Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, which is headquartered on Wall Street and in Lakewood, NJ, was interviewed by Yavuz Atalay, Chief Washington Correspondent for Aksam TV, seeking his perspective on these complex issues. Aksam is a prestigious Turkish media outlet with hundreds of millions of viewers throughout the Middle East, Europe and beyond. 
In this segment, which was broadcast repeatedly and published in print, Duvi essentially represented the U.S. position to this key global audience. He explained in detail the Trump Administration’s position on these events as well as the role of Israel and other global players. Duvi explained the economic repercussions these events may spur, in particular how US-Saudi friction may cause a spike in the price of oil – the hints of which hit the global market shortly after the interview. Duvi spoke of the strong appreciation President Trump has at home for the release of Pastor Brunson, as well as the esteem Ambassador Haley is held in for her work representing the US to the world. 
The interview was warmly received throughout the world, in particular amongst the highest echelons of the White House and Israeli government. 
“It is important for people to realize how key commerce is to diplomatic affair; it is both the cause and effect of just about every diplomatic event,” says Mr. Honig. “As a powerful global network connecting key players in the business, diplomatic and governmental worlds, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce continues to work on building bridges to empower men and women around the globe in their business endeavor.” 
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