Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Working with White House and Federal Agencies on Economic Development Initiatives

During a recent visit to Washington, DC, Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the OJC, was invited to the White House, where he met top ranking officials to collaborate on various initiatives. Per White House direction, Mr. Honig met Mark Zelden, Acting Director of CFOI, Department of Labor, which is now actively collaborating with the OJC. The details of these joint Labor Department projects will be announced once finalized. Other officials that Mr. Honig met - and were enamored by OJC activities - include Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. 
From the halls of the White House to state and local governmental offices, the Chamber is recognized as a proactive positive force for economic success in the 21st century economy, with the ability to build economic bridges through diverse communities, industries – and even political parties. 
In New Jersey, the OJC is making enormous progress with the State government ahead of Economic Development Day, which will be held in May 2019. The Economic Development Day initiative – a partnership between the State and OJC – recently passed the State Senate with unanimous support from lawmakers of both parties, a spectacular achievement in today’s hyper-partisan climate. Governor Phil Murphy, Senator Bob Singer and other powerful officials are actively working with the OJC to make this day meaningful for all New Jersey residents and businesses.
This is in addition to myriad other business networking, coalition building and advocacy efforts that the OJC is engaged in throughout the country, as well as with governments of nations around the world.  
For his part, Mr. Honig says that the fruits of the Chamber’s efforts highlight how powerful commerce is as a force to unite people. “I am thankful to the leaders at all governmental levels, of both parties, who recognize that we all share common economic interests and can work together for the common good,” says Mr. Honig. “The OJC’s network and collaborative efforts are growing exponentially, and we will leave no stone unturned to continue expanding and innovating in order to empower men and women around the world.”