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I hope this Letter finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention the need for a change in policy. It is disheartening to witness the situation where Americans visiting Israel are left stranded, while other countries have sent aircraft to evacuate their citizens.


Unfortunately, it seems that America is unaware of how this reflects on them in the eyes of the world. Many families who had flown to Israel for Yom Tov or Sukkot are currently homeless and without shelter. We have been tirelessly reaching out to the White House State Department along with Congresman and Senators and other US officials requesting to assist in the evacuation of stranded Americans ASAP, and sadly as of today there is no one within the administration who seems willing to accept responsibility for them other then send them to a link to sign up for updates and register.


The lack of support from America in bringing their citizens back home is truly shameful. Panic has spread throughout, and we are left to deal with the situation alongside our Middle Eastern Airline partners such as Turkish Airlines, doing our best to assist Americans in need while US Airlines let’s them stranded without Government intervention to stop them from doing so. It is my hope that you can help advocate for a change in approach and encourage appropriate measures to ensure the safe return of these stranded individuals.

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Support letter from Congressman Chris Smith to President Biden