Facebook Removes New Computer Game with Objective to promote Anti Semitism

Wall Street USA:

The announcement of a new computer action game FursanAl-Aqsa, the Knights of the Al-Aqsa mosque that addresses the Israel x Palestinian conflict from a Palestinian perspective promoting Killing Israeli soldiers has raised concern in the Jewish community and the state of Israel.

According to confirmed sources, this is an action game with the main objective to kill Israeli soldiers and ultimately takeover the Jewish state. 

Fursan al- Aqsa, the Knights of the Al- Aqsa Mosque developer Nidal Nijm is a Brazilian of Palestinian extraction. Njim is the brainchild behind the computer game that would break the cliché of portraying Arabs as terrorists. On his website, the game legitimates terror and murder inspiring children to murder Jews to become martyrs. 

Upon the global uproar, the Wall Street based Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce CEO Duvi Honig contacted Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg informing her of the dangers this game is to world peace urging her to intervene and have Facebook remove this hateful content from being promoted on their platform. 

Consequently, with this request, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, thanked Duvi and the chamber for bringing it to Facebook’s attention taking immediate action removing all links and promotions of this game from their social media platforms.

Facebook went on saying the game violated their community standards and they are grateful for working together with the chamber helping make their platform a safer place.

We are very thankful to Sheryl Sandberg for taking immediate action and for their partnership to fight the plague of hate and anti- Semitism on their platform. Moreover, social media is a key partner in helping to prevent the spread of terror and violence. Taking the stand of not allowing to promote this game on their platform will no doubt protect families and lives and most of all strengthen world peace said Duvi Honig Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce.

The announcement of the social media platform of Facebook to aid in removing this hostile content   comes at a much-needed time   when anti-Semitism, prejudice and discrimination against Jews and the state of Israel are at a zenith.