J-BIZ EXPO 2022- Brought Decision Makers & Opportunity from around the Globe together Face To Face at BluClaws.

For nearly a decade, J-Biz has distinguished itself as the Jewish business world’s premier general B2B event, anywhere. Business leaders and entrepreneurs in all industries, from around the globe – US, Canada, Israel, Europe and beyond – unite to network, advise, innovate, invest and partner.

The J-BIZ Expo marks the single date on the calendar where the highest echelons of the business world affiliated with the Global & National Orthodox Jewish Chamber, its member and partners unite under one roof to strengthen their networks and create new connections with all re merely one handshake away. 

Year after year, countless businesses and deals have been launched, perfected and boosted for the long term as a result of this event. Entrepreneurs in all industries gathered at this prestigious event hosted by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, which has offices on Wall Street and in Lakewood, NJ. 

Senator Robert Menendez and Homeland security penned letters in appreciation addressing the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerces annual J Biz Expo.

Exhibitors and attendees from ISRAEL Pakistan, S Korea, Turkey, Europe, Canada the US & throughout the region joined – including Choose NJ, NJEDA, Homeland Security, Turkish Airlines, Banks, Israeli companies and many new and old Corporate Business Service providers, members of all sectors and communities - came to network and collaborate, working together to reach their highest entrepreneurial aspirations, regardless of their industry or business sector with all working to build bridges of mutual economic success. 

Workshops at JBiz included Healthcare, Web, Cybersecurity, Marketing and business Development were featured throughout the day.

New relationships between Governments were forged on our expo floor as dignitary’s met and engaged the Orthodox Jewish Cahmber of Commerces Private VIP networking table.

Senator Cory Booker & Senator Menendez 
sent their staff and team to attend and network at the JBiz Expo.

In addition to all the political clout and high profile networking the J Biz Expo featured a special Women in the Workforce professional women panel helping women in their parnassah pursuits and life-work balance, and to maximize their abilities to scale their businesses to greater heights. This program is a division of the the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerces women in the workforce.

The panel featured women who have already scaled the ladder of success who will provide their knowledge and insight to attendees, allowing for more women to join the ranks of prosperity. 

Each of the women on the panel have tremendously successful businesses doing millions of dollars in revenue yearly. Their appreciation for the difficulties frum women face in the men-dominated business world offers a unique opportunity for those looking to get started or seeking to master their respective professions. 

“Commerce brings everyone together. JBIZ Expo puts them all under one roof,” Duvi Honig said. “By giving people the information, skills, insight and connections they need to succeed, we are moving mountains and improving the financial footing of countless people and families.”
The J-Biz secret ingredient has always been its ability to maximize the power of face-to-face networking. The more potent the network, the more potent the networking is.

The Pubic policy 2022 JBIZ Expo committee include Congressman Andy Kim; Congressman Chris Smith; Senator Robert W. Singer,; Duvi Honig, founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce; and Mayors Raymond G. Coles, Lakewood Township; Carmen F. Amato, Berkeley Township; Maurice (Mo) B. Hill, Toms River; Michael Reina, Mayor of Jackson Township; and Joseph A. Kostecki, Municipal Clerk, South Toms River.