Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Joins Bahrain Govt., D.C., to Help Promote Commerce and the Abraham Accords

Photo:  Badar AlJalama, Bahrain’s Cultural and Educational Minister; Duvi Honig, founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce; and Ali Ahmed Al-Khalifa, Embassy of United Kingdom of Bahrain, Washington, D.C. 

The Bahrain 🇧🇭 Government, Washington, D.C., celebrated the National Day of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the anniversary of His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa’s ascension to the Throne. In line of Building Bridges and recognizing its partners helping promote the Abraham Accords, the Bahraini Kingdom invited Duvi Honig, the founder and CEO of the Lakewood and Wall Street-based Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, to its National Day reception that was held at the Line Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Bahraini, Saudi Arabian, and Israeli Arab and Jewish leaders came together to build bridges under the Abraham accords that the Chamber helped promote. The event underscored the importance of building bridges via commerce, especially between communities that have cultural and religious differences, by putting aside those differences to find common goals and working together through commerce.

Duvi Honig said, “We have a special relationship with the Bahrain Trade Rep and the Embassy to work together to create new opportunities for all in business and cultural sectors. The Chamber invited and hosted the Bahrain delegation’s visit to the Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey to help build cultural understanding among them and cultivate business opportunities. Another topic the Chamber discussed was helping incorporate Holocaust Education in Bahrain.”

Thailand’s Ambassador Tanee Sangrat reiterated to Duvi Honig, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber’s CEO, the strong bond Thailand has with the Jewish Community and the State of Israel; and looks forward working together with the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce to strengthen business relations and new commerce opportunities. 

Those who attended were Marc Adler, Enterprise, Florida, a close friend and strategic partner of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce; real estate and government infrastructure developers; and bankers with whom the Chamber looks forward to working closely; along with other Jewish leaders, such as R. Levi Shem Tov of Chabad, D.C., and William Daroff; conference of presidents; Deborah Lipstadt, Envoy of Anti-semitism; and leaders of anti-Iranian think tank groups.  

Together with Marc Adler of Enterprise FL

Networking with Thailands Ambassador 
Tanee Sangrat