Hundreds Attend Orthodox Jewish Chamber high level Real Estate Expo & Conference

Hundreds Attend Orthodox Jewish Chamber high level Real Estate Expo & Conference

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Expo, which took place at the Crown Plaza Hotel Suffern Mahwah between New York and New Jersey, proved to be an exceptional experience for all participants. With a turnout of over 300 landlords and business leaders, the event served as a platform for individuals to navigate the complexities of the real estate market and explore new laws that impact the industry.
One of the main highlights of the expo were the panels held throughout the event. These panels were designed to offer attendees valuable insights into the challenges and recent laws affecting the industry.

The New Jersey panel addressed the topic "Not Just Solutions to a Problem but Preventing them Altogether". The panel focused on preventing issues in the real estate industry, particularly within the state of New Jersey. The panel discussed various issues that could arise in the industry and gave attendees strategies and solutions to address them. By examining potential problems and providing proactive solutions, this panel empowered attendees to navigate the real estate market more effectively.
The panel was moderated by John Crisafulli included panelists Lori Greenberg Esquire, Ryan Martinez, Sydney Darling, and Nj Division On Civil Rights -Iris Bromberg.
The NY Community Housing Improvement program (CHIP) panel, moderated by Gil Cygler of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, delved into the details of housing improvement programs and how they influence the real estate market. This panel offered attendees valuable information on how to leverage these programs to their advantage.
The expo also featured an empowering women's panel that aimed to address the work-life balance. This panel discussed the unique challenges faced by women in the real estate industry and provided practical strategies for achieving balance in their personal and professional lives. By sharing their experiences and insights, the panelists inspired attendees to overcome obstacles and succeed in the industry.
In addition to the informative panels, the event hosted an Award Ceremony recognized its sponsors and partners, including Infinity Land Services LLC, ID Tech Solutions Inc, NYC Power 100's Ken Fisher, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce's VP Gil Cygler, and Mark Jaffe of the Greater New York Chamber. This recognition highlighted the support and collaboration within the industry and emphasized the importance of these organizations in driving the real estate market forward.
The conference center, spread over three ballrooms, provided an ideal environment for networking and establishing connections at the highest levels. The expo floor allowed attendees to interact with exhibitors and explore innovative products and services that could enhance their real estate ventures. The conference ballroom hosted panel discussions and workshops, ensuring that attendees gained valuable knowledge and insights to empower their success. Lastly, the networking lunch ballroom offered a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for attendees to connect with distinguished individuals and witness numerous deals being made on the spot.

Overall, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Expo was a resounding success. It provided attendees with invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and a platform to thrive in the challenging real estate market. The panels, workshops, and networking opportunities equipped attendees with the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed. By addressing challenges and new laws through panel discussions, presentations, Q&A sessions, networking, and training sessions, the expo ensured that attendees were well-prepared and equipped to navigate the industry in changing circumstances.
The women in workforce panel, "Maintaining Work Home/Life Balance," at the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Expo & Conference, featured Jaime Schmeiser, President of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, as well as Rachel Pariser, Fraidy Rapaport, and Sharon Kushner.
Another panel aimed to empower individuals in today's new market with industry leaders discussing "Identifying Deals in Today's Markets." The panel included Esther Reizes-Lowenbein, Yael Ishakis, Elliot Romano, Marc Herskowitz, and Hedva "Chedva" Dahan.
Duvi Honig, founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and Yitzie Pariser, expressed appreciation to all those from the chambers team who helped with the success of the event with a special shout out to TZadler Production who provided exceptional service and sound for the event. The expo focus of empowering attendees and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed played a crucial role in fostering growth and success in today’s challenging real estate market. 
The Chamber expressed its gratitude to its esteemed media sponsors and its various media partners. Their unwavering support and collaboration throughout our journey have contributed significantly to our success. We are humbled by their commitment to showcasing our efforts and highlighting our contributions in the business world.
Moving forward, we are determined to sustain the level of service quality we have established. We believe in the power of collaboration, and we will continue to collaborate with our media partners to ensure that our message reaches those who can benefit from it the most. We are committed to sharing our knowledge, expertise, and practical insights to empower businesses with the tools they need to thrive.
Within the Orthodox Jewish community and beyond. This enables businesses to stay informed and adapt to the evolving demands of their respective industries.

Furthermore, the Chamber's commitment to fostering growth, efficiency, and sustainability goes beyond disseminating information. We actively connect businesses with invaluable resources and invaluable networks. Our extensive roster of members comprises experts from diverse fields, including finance, technology, marketing, and beyond. Through collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing, businesses can access a wealth of expertise, establish valuable connections, and gain a competitive edge.
The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce also places great importance on fostering strategic partnerships. We understand that collaboration is key in today's interconnected business world. By forging alliances with industry leaders, government agencies, and other organizations, the Chamber can facilitate access to new markets, promote trade opportunities, and advocate for the needs and interests of our members. Through these partnerships, businesses can expand their reach and maximize their potential for success.
Additionally, the Chamber actively advocates for policies that support the growth and prosperity of businesses within the Orthodox Jewish community & beyond. By engaging with local, state, and federal authorities, we strive to create a conducive business environment that nurtures entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development. By serving as a voice for our members, we ensure that their concerns and unique perspectives are heard and taken into consideration.
In conclusion, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce has played a vital role in empowering our community for over a decade. Through our comprehensive and innovative solutions, partnerships, and advocacy efforts, we strive to foster growth, efficiency, and sustainability in the business world. By staying ahead of the curve and addressing the evolving needs of businesses, we enable our members to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. Together, we will continue to empower and help contribute to the success of businesses across all sectors.