J-BIZ EXPO 2022- Bringing Decision Makers & Opportunity Together- Hear from Bitcoin Foundation President Brock Pierce

For nearly a decade, J-Biz has distinguished itself as the Jewish business world’s premier general B2B event, anywhere. Business leaders and entrepreneurs in all industries, from around the globe – US, Canada, Israel, Europe and beyond – unite to network, advise, innovate, invest and partner. The J-BIZ Expo marks the single date on the calendar where the highest echelons of the business world, plus your potential clients, vendors, partners and coaches, are all merely one handshake away. Year after year, countless businesses and deals have been launched, perfected and boosted for the long term as a result of this event. Entrepreneurs in all industries gather at this prestigious event hosted by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, which has offices on Wall Street and in Lakewood, NJ. 
The 2022 Annual J-BIZ EXPO & BUSINESS CONFERENCE which will be taking place Nov 16at ShoreTown Ballpark in New Jersey features exhibits from dynamic companies in all industries servicing the Biz world. Businesses can cost-effectively reach their target audience, while visitors can meet company executives and experience firsthand the numerous products and services that are available to enhance their businesses.

With financial belts tightening across the country and entrepreneurs and investors searching for the next gold mine, this year’s Expo will feature up-and-coming industries that can be tapped into now to gain an early edge.
One such industry is that of cryptocurrency. Based on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has already become popular worldwide, but its currently limited use is on the precipice of exploding and is widely expected to expand in the coming years and decades.

To assist entrepreneurs in harnessing the power of this cutting-edge technological and currency revolution, this year’s JBIZ Expo will feature a keynote address from Bitcoin Foundation Chairman Mr. Brock Pierce, one of the leading and most successful experts in the young industry. 
Another industry brimming with possibilities is healthcare. In the post-COVID world, a newfound resurgence of interest in the healthcare field has arisen, and with it a gold mine of opportunity waiting for bold individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. The 2022 J-BIZ Expo will thus have key players in the healthcare field providing insight and know-how of the industry. One of those figures is Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus CEO Phil Passes, who has decades of experience in both medicine and healthcare management. 
But it's not just opportunities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry that will be prominently displayed at the Expo. Exhibitors and attendees from throughout the region – including members of the Orthodox community - will come to network and collaborate, working together to reach their highest entrepreneurial aspirations, regardless of their industry or business sector. Beyond a hefty representation of NJ- NY area businesses, VIPs representing governments and businesses from nations around the world will be in attendance, with all working to build bridges of mutual economic success. 

“Commerce brings everyone together. JBIZ Expo puts them all under one roof,” Duvi Honig said. “By giving people the information, skills, insight and connections they need to succeed, we are moving mountains and improving the financial footing of countless people and families.”
The J-Biz secret sauce has always been its ability to maximize the power of face-to-face networking. The more potent the network is, the more potent the networking is.
Of course, in addition to the star-studded business conference, the 2022 J-Biz expo floor will feature a buzz of “person-to-person” B2B networking by a diverse group of quality business service exhibitors in all industries. The opportunity to network and expand your client list is practically endless .J-Biz is comprised of two main components: A) A B2B networking floor, featuring businesses of all sizes, in all industries; and B) A high level business conference, featuring informative workshops from some of the leading minds in today’s business world. 

The Pubic policy 2022 JBIZ Expo committee include Congressman Andy Kim; Congressman Chris Smith; Senator Robert W. Singer, Deputy Minority Leader; County Commissioner Director Joseph H. Vicari, Chairman of Senior Services and County Operations; Duvi Honig, founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce; and Mayors Raymond G. Coles, Lakewood Township; Carmen F. Amato, Berkeley Township; Maurice (Mo) B. Hill, Toms River; Michael Reina, Mayor of Jackson Township; and Joseph A. Kostecki, Municipal Clerk, South Toms River.
To exhibit, Register or become corporate sponsors visit or contact call 732-659-5270 Ext. 104