Law enforcement officials from the state, county, and township met at Shemen Limincha

Law enforcement officials from the state, county, and township met at Shemen Limincha, 11 Engleberg Terrace, Lakewood, to discuss homeland grants, local community security issues, and the upcoming security panel at the JBiz Expo. 

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce also reminds community leaders that Synagogues can still apply until October 29, 2021, for NJ NSGP – Target Hardening Equipment (NJ NSGP-THE), which is limited to the purchase and installation of security equipment on property owned or leased by the nonprofit organization that includes items such as CCTV, card access readers, blast film, lighting, fencing, bollards, etc. The only exceptions are alert/PA systems for emergency broadcasting. The maximum amount per applicant is $50,000. 

Another program available is NJ NSGP (Nonprofit Security Grant Program). This program is limited to the hiring of federal, state, county, or municipal active law enforcement officers or security officers for the applicant’s facility. 

This funding may not be used to supplant expenses for an organization’s current security personnel but may be used for additional security personnel needs based on identified risk. Under special conditions, the use of security personnel may be used for off-site events within the geographic boundaries of the State of New Jersey. The maximum amount per applicant is $10,000.

The November 3, 2021, JBiz Expo at the BlueClaws stadium, Lakewood, will host a security panel with Chief of Lakewood Police Greg Meyer and NYPD Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor, and other leading law enforcement officials to discuss ways to keep the community safe. Visit for more information.

Duvi Honig, president and founder of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber, said, “We appreciate the efforts of everyone and thank them for coming from the state, county and township to discuss important security concerns.” 


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Photo Provided by Orthodox Jewish Chamber (left to rt.): Agent Ronald Jennings of Ocean County Prosecutors office- Homeland Security; Detective Jerome Gordon of NJ State Police; Detective Bill Malast of Ocean County prosecutor office Homeland Security; Duvi Honig; Steven DeAngelis, New Jersey State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center Infrastructure Protection Unit; President of Shemen Limincha Synagogue Issac Deutch, ID Tech Solutions; and Lakewood Police Detective Nate Montgomery.