"IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS" Life For Lyme Tick born illness Awareness Evening for Women - Tuesday June 21st Lakewood

When it comes to ticks, ignorance is anything but bliss. With Lyme Disease and numerous other tick-borne illnesses affecting tens of thousands each year, it is crucial that parents, medical professionals, and camp staff are fully aware of both the dangers posed by ticks, as well as the identification of tick bites and illnesses and treatment options. 

In an effort to increase the public’s awareness of the heath hazards of ticks, Life for Lyme, a department of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s Health & Medical division, will be hosting an Evening for Women this Tuesday, June 21, at 9 Cedar Row in Lakewood, New Jersey. 

The event, featuring health specialists and parents whose children went undiagnosed following infection from tickborne illnesses, is intended to educate the community – particularly those with children under their care – to spot, identify, and take necessary action in the event of a tick bite. 

“Education is key,” said Life for Lyme Founder Esther Honig. “We must all further our education on this critical issue and be proactive in confronting this enormous challenge head-on.” 

“Ignorance isn’t bliss,” the Life for Lyme team said. “Undiagnosed and untreated tick bites could lead to severe symptoms that deeply impact the life of sufferers, including chronic symptoms of the dreaded Lyme Disease of from other Tick born infections .” 

An out-of-town parent making the trip to Lakewood to attend the upcoming meeting described why she is so passionate about this event. 

“Every person’s attendance at this event has the potential to save someone from years of pain and suffering,” says Life for Lyme’s Event organizer Yaffa Jungreis . 

A recent Life for Lyme event in the Five Towns brought tremendous awareness to numerous individuals with large numbers of children under their care, specifically medical professionals and camp directors – an event that Life for Lyme now intends to replicate for parents and others. 

In addition to its events, Life for Lyme has launched its Tick Packs, which contain essential items necessary to keep children and adults safe from tick bites. The Tick Packs are being sold at Gourmet Glatt in Lakewood and Cedarhurst. 

“When it comes to ticks, it’s not what we do know – it’s what we don’t know – that is most dangerous,” explains Life for Lyme’s Founder Mrs. Esther Honig. “Many doctors don’t test for Lyme Disease and even when it is tested and identified, it isn’t taken seriously. We are on a crusade to change that.”

Tuesday’s Evening for Women is geared to parents and educators who want to help prevent the children under their care from undergoing a nightmarish medical scenario. Your attendance at this event could save your child, your spouse, and even yourself, from years of brutal medical challenges.

WOMENS Host Committee:
Chani Eichorn, Miriam Gestetner, Mirel Goldwasser,Gita Grossman, Estee Helmreich, Esther Honig, Chayala Jungreis, Sarifka Jungreis, Yaffa Jungreis,Shani Moerman, Ariella Neuberger, Haya Novoseller,Shaynie Rosenthal, Esther Rubinfeld, Chani Scharf,Rochella Scherman, Toby Eiskovic, Malky Shlesinger, Suri Jerusalem