Orthodox Jewish Chamber CEO and N.J. Attorney General Matt Platkin Discuss Way to Fight Hate and Anti-Semitism

It is common knowledge that we are living in a world where hate, Anti-Semitism, and Holocaust denial have been growing. Everyone must find a way to fight this trend, promote unity, and extinguish hate, starting with building deeper knowledge and understanding among children and diverse communities. 

Because education is key to eliminating violent hate crimes and anti-Semitism, Duvi Honig, the founder of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and the Morris Katz Foundation, met with New Jersey’s Attorney General Matt Platkin to share the vision of working together to fight Anti-Semitism through art.  

Immediately after President Kennedy’s assassination which he saw that as an attack on the free world and democracy, Morris Katz, a Holocaust Survivor, undertook painting all U.S. presidents over a six-year period, saying NEVER AGAIN. He painted each president to express appreciation to our leaders, todemonstrate his gratitude of our great country, and to make a statement to the next generation that showed how hate led to the murder of six million Jews.
By incorporating the message of the Katz’s President Collection in schools and using the collection to spreadawareness throughout New Jersey at cultural events, The Orthodox Jewish Chamber feels the Katz collection is one key necessary to promote and implement sensitivity and understanding of the elimination of hatred and anti-Semitism, and to help perpetuate remembrance, a process that has already been initiated. 

The state Department of Education has already incorporated it on President’s Day and will be sending it out to all public schools at

The artist’s message can be shared on President’s Day, and on Holocaust Remembrance and Independence days. Visit for more information.