NY State Department of Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon Co-Hosted by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce in NYC

In its vital station at the helm of Jewish industries throughout the tri-state area, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce cultivates close relationships with officials at the highest levels of business administration in the NY and NJ state governments to help bring the needs of individual businesses and the community at large right to the top of the administrative hierarchy. Last week, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber and the Greater New York Chamber hosted New York Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon for a briefing on Governor Hochul’s 2023 budget, followed by in-person open house networking in NYC.

They discussed the challenges of the new economy in the post-Covid era and how to balance job creation and labor issues.They reflected on the profound contributions of the Jewish business community and the chambers contribution to the New York economy with a sp focus on the unique dynamics of minority business communities and the attendant opportunities and challenges.

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