By: L. Halevi 
Parnassah Network, the organization that is at the forefront of providing the tools for Yidden of all ages and in all stages of their quest for a dignified Parnassah, has just announced the second in a series of “full-day seminars”, each covering a specific area of business to better assist people across particular industries and modes of business. The first seminar, which was sold out, covered the topic of “Launching a Business” and was extremely successful.
The intensive seminar, entitled “From Amazon to Ebay To Zulily” is geared specifically for people focused on the online marketplace as a means to earn a Parnassah. The seminar is geared to beginners who are just dabbling in this arena as well as to those already earning a Parnassah in this way, who seek to sharpen their skills and learn more effective tactics and strategies. After all, the online marketplace is constantly evolving and there is always more tolearn and new knowledge to catch up with.
The seminar will cover an all-encompassing range of topics relating to launching and maintaining an online marketplace business to utilize platforms such as Amazon and eBay, and the scores of other platforms currently available, to successfully generate income. This can be done as a a supplemental income or as a full-time Parnassah. “People who attend this seminar will walk away with a lot of realistic tools and be better positioned to succeed in this field” says R’ Duvi Honig, founder of Parnassah Network, which spearheaded these seminars. “Additionally, the people they network with at the seminar and the presenters they will get to know as mentors beyond the actual seminar are a priceless addition to the actual value of the seminar”
The presenters at this seminar were hand-picked by the Parnassah Network team to include successful business people who have intimate knowledge – and success- in the online marketplace selling arena.  These people keenly understand the ins and outs of the online marketplace and are able to share their experience and knowledge with others looking to chart similar paths for themselves. The presenters will be available to answer questions and mentor seminar registrants beyond the day of the actual seminar. Having someone to call upon and reach out to as you navigate the often murky world of online marketplace selling is a most valuable resource and can often be the difference between real success and failure.
The presenters include Ami Bielinki, managing director of Cherristone interactive, Sam Brownstein, builder of several thriving Amazon businesses, Mordy Glaser, president, M.C. Glaser Company, Jeremy Greenberg, CEO of Sellercloud and Chaim Sofer, marketing strategist, RelSMART Marketing.
Some of the many topics that will be covered throughout the day are: Setting up Shop -How to plan for starting a business? What products should I sell? How do I source a product? EBay vs. Amazon; which is right for me?  How to write listings that sell? How important are good headlines? How to build good seller ratings? What costs are involved? Controlling inventory, How to handle customer complaints, How to handle returns, Will things change in the next few years? How is marketplace selling different from e-commerce? Sourcing to Selling 101, and Many other relevant topics!
Whether you are first starting to think about a selling online or have recently launched your own business and want to ensure that you have – and you maintain- a competitive edge, this seminar is for you.
The full-day Seminar will take place on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 from 9:45 am until 5:30 pm, at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center in Toms River, NJ. , and is open to men and women; Separate seating.  The price for the seminar, which includes breakfast, lunch, seminar handouts and all seminar networking and mentoring opportunities is only $199 per attendee.
Pre-registration is required. For more information and to register call 732-784-2835 or email (Seminar is limited to 40 attendees and slots are rapidly being filled! Call now to avoid being placed on the waiting list! 
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