Orthodox Jewish Chamber appoints New Israel Executive Director

In a significant move last week, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce appointed Shmuel Shifrin who recently made Aliyah as its new Israel Executive Director. This appointment comes as the chamber aims to strengthen its mission of empowering the Angelo community in Israel, a goal it has pursued diligently since 2017 through various initiatives such as job fairs, educational conferences, and US-Israel business alliance missions.
One of the strategic moves that the chamber is keen on implementing is attracting US jobs for those who have made Aliyah, ensuring that they can receive salaries comparable to those in America while residing in Israel. To achieve this, a delegation from the chamber met with economic leaders from Israel and representatives from the US Embassy Trade department. Notably, Congressman Chris Smith played a crucial role in arranging these meetings, demonstrating his commitment to aid the Lakewood community, even after its members have relocated to Israel. This collaboration between the chamber, Israeli officials, and the US Embassy Trade Office showcases a united front in sustaining financial stability and enhancing opportunities for Lakewood residents.
Additionally, the delegation also had a productive meeting with Nefesh B'Nefesh, an organization dedicated to helping individuals making Aliyah. The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce looks forward to future collaboration with Nefesh B'Nefesh and its executive director, Yehoshua Fass, in addressing the significant challenge of sustaining financial stability for those transitioning to life in Israel.
Recognizing the significance of local leadership, the delegation met with Shmulik, a mayoral candidate in Beit Shemesh, who happens to be a Yeshiva friend and a former resident of Yeshiva Kefar Chasidim, where Duvi Honig, the chamber's founder and CEO, currently serves as the Chairman of American Friends of the Yeshiva. Shmulik has pledged his support and offered a dedicated center in Beit Shemesh for the chamber's activities if elected as mayor. Moreover, Duvi Honig will be appointed to assist in the development of a new industrial park in Beit Shemesh, which is poised to create numerous job opportunities for the community.
Continuing the series of fruitful meetings, the delegation engaged with representatives from the Jewish Agency, an organization focused on addressing the needs of diaspora communities in Israel and around the world. This landmark meeting signifies the first time that the American Angelo community will have its presence recognized and supported by the Israeli government. This development is a testament to the Jewish Agency's commitment to prioritize the needs of the American community, who have previously been overlooked.
The trip also had an emotional aspect as the delegation visited the SHUVU School in Nof Hagalil. The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce played a pivotal role in providing emergency evacuation buses to bring Ukrainian families out of war zones and relocate them to frum schools. Witnessing the children warmly welcoming the delegation and reciting the Shema Yisroel prayer together was a deeply moving experience. Not only were these children saved physically, but their spiritual well-being was also safeguarded, making this achievement even more significant.
Looking ahead, the chamber plans to open offices in Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh, with Shmuel Shifrin acting as its executive director leading its committees receiving full support from the chambers Wall Street and Lakewood offices. Shifrin's extensive experience as a previous Commitee member of the Chamber in the states helping run its expos and networking events makes him the ideal candidate for the position. With these new offices and strong partnerships with affiliates in Israel and across the globe, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce looks forward to further strengthening commerce and empowering Jewish communities worldwide.
“We are excited with our new appointment of Shmuel Shifrin as our new Israel Executive Director of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce says Fronded and CEO Duvi Honig this marks a significant step in achieving the chamber's mission of empowering the Anglo community in Israel”. 
This strategic move, combined with collaboration with government entities and dedicated community leaders, promises to bring economic stability, job opportunities, and spiritual support to those who have made Aliyah. As the chamber continues to expand its global reach, the future looks promising for Orthodox Jewish communities everywhere.

Businesses seeking to hire Israel Angelo employees may reach out directly to the chamber at