Orthodox Jewish Chamber CEO Duvi Honig meets Newark Airports General Management team

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce CEO Duvi Honig on Thursday met with James Gill, General Manager of NJ Airports at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to discuss a broad array of travel-related topics and issues of concern, with the ultimate goal of increasing flyers’ satisfaction and ease of travel.

The meeting included discussions on various logistical issues, such as improving street signage to and from the airport to better serve travelers, as well as numerous concerns related to flyers’ experiences.

The meeting attendees, which included Mr. Gill’s chief of staff Ash Sinai, discussed the multiple antisemitic incidents aboard flights that occurred in the past year, and worked to form a collaborative framework with which to confront such incident head-on.

Also explored were methods to strengthen the Transportation Safety Authority’s (TSA) relationship with and understanding of the religious Jewish community, as well as ways in which mutually improved communication and appreciation can be created between the religious Jewish community airport personal and the federal Customs police .

Additionally, Mr. Honig, Mr. Gill, and Mr. Sinai discussed the establishment of an annual cultural event to help build bridges between airlines, airport personnel, the Port Authority, and Jewish community representatives which would serve to assist travel officials and personnel in understanding the concerns and needs of the Jewish community.

“Being proactive is key,” said Chamber CEO Duvi Honig. “Besides for forging relationships which can be of great assistance in times of crisis, this meeting was in part intended to allow us to remain two steps ahead in addressing any challenges and concerning incidents that may arise in the future.”