Orthodox Jewish Chamber Emergency Evacuation Fleet Takes Part in Daring Holocaust Survivors Rescue on Chanakah.

In the middle of Chanukah, a plane of refugees from Ukraine landed in Israel, each of the immigrants is a candle that was lit and each of the partners in their rescue is a "Maccabi" of those days.


Mr. Valdlan Katihin, 85 years old, a sick and weak Holocaust survivor who lived in the bombed Kherson district, Kherson is a place that even if a young man manages to escape from it is a historical miracle all the more when it comes to an elderly, weak and sick Holocaust survivor whose health is in danger every day  that he has no treatment, 


It was a dangerous and heroic rescue working together with Zaka, to get him out of a house without windows and doors in a building that had already suffered several shellings, located in an area without electricity and water, extreme cold and immediate danger at any moment.


Rabbi Halfon, a veteran and experienced rescue worker from Harson and other stricken cities, hired skilled drivers for the Emergency operations.


Rabbi Fima was joined by Duvi Honig, CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerces Emergency Evacuation Fleet and Team in the USA, who, despite his many occupations, used buses with a lie-down evacuation option to rescue elderly and sick refugees who are unable to make it across the Ukrainian border.


It was a Team Effort working together with Israel's ambassador to Moldova, Mr. Yoel Leon, Lilac Atias, the consular officer who never gets tired, together with Marek Dobb and Idit from the Foreign Ministry team,Chief Rabbi of Ukrain R Moshe Azman, Ayelet Tal from the Joint Organization, Benny Hadad from the Rabbi's Foundation for Friendship and Nachman Dyksztejn.


Mr. Katihin who is one of the many survivors evacuated by this operation in middle of Canukkah, was immediately hospitalized in Israel upon arrival and it was determined with certainty that he would not have survived his medical condition if he had stayed there even for a few more days, his 85-year-old body was burned with pressure sores that there was nowhere to treat in Ukraine and as a result he suffered  He was rescued from a widespread infection that endangered his life and thanks to the Maccabean team who helped bring him to Israel, he was given a new life - literally. 


The evacuation fleet and Team is a joint Efforts of Organizations working together says Duvi Honig CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of a commerce.

We appreciate all those selfless volunteers on the ground with a special shout out to Nachman Dyksztejn for Going above and beyond to save lives.

Home of Evacuated Holocaust Survivor Valdin Katihin