Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commence condemns Ben & Jerry's Anti Israel act calling on them to remove anti-Semitic board members.

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce condemns Ben and Jerry’s decision to embrace the BDS movement and to terminate the company’s sales in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem. Such action, besides being immoral and wrong, seeks to initiate anti-Semitic animosity, create division, and delegitimize the Jewish nation.

Ben & Jerry’s actions will unfortunately hurt Palestinian workers and their economy as a whole if economic sanctions are directed against firms in Israel that employ them. Sadly, this ignorant hostility will only instigate further strife and work to erode peace in the Middle East. 

We call on Ben & Jerry’s to remove their anti-Semitic board members who are acting irresponsibly by mixing into politics and harming their company’s image.
The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce calls upon all American businesses to boycott business with Ben and Jerry’s until they end their boycott against Israel.