Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce announces annual Business Awards 2020 at White House


Wall Street, NYC USA – Announced just days ago from the Red Room of The White House in our nation’s capital, The 2020 Orthodox Chamber of Commerce Business Awards will be recognizing local, national and international business’ from more than 7 categories of industry, who are standout business leaders and/or innovators, positively impacting both their own organizations, as well as the communities they serve. The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce works at the federal level directly with The White House, the Small Business Administration (SBA), as well as The Departments of Labor and Commerce in Washington. The Chamber also maintains active strategic partnerships with local and state agencies, including Offices of the Governors alongside The Economic Opportunity Commissions. This year’s awards will recognize multiple government leaders who work tirelessly for the benefit of businesses across the country.

Today, in times of economic uncertainty for many, The Chamber, its members, and partner organization are more determined than ever to provide economic opportunities and support to those communities, families and individuals in need across the U.S. and beyond.

From introducing legislation empowering business of multiple sizes, to influencing policy at all levels of government, The Chamber has also introduced a first of its kind “Economic Development Day”. From addressing the constituency of the Knesset and influencing policy in Israel, to its successful involvement in the recent 2020 U.S. Supreme Court ruling on protection of religious freedom in the workplace, The Chamber is always front and center advocating for businesses around the world, as consistently recognized by the current and previous U.S. President’s and their respective administrations.

The nominees of the awards, will be recognized as business leaders for their accomplishments, thereby opening new doors for business and strengthening their corporate brand and reputation. Previous honorees include the prestigious King David Hotel in Jerusalem, among other notable companies and executives. Deserving leaders and companies from industries including Tech and Retail to Real Estate and Healthcare, can be nominated via the Business Award’s online form.

The awards will be held in late February 2021 with a multimedia mix of in-person presentations and online participation from attendees around the globe. The MC for the event will be renowned entertainment advisor, businessman and media host, Antony (Chanan) Gordon [ ], along with a host of prominent judges from Wall Street, Academia and Philanthropy.

About: The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (OJC) unites all factions of the global Jewish community & beyond, reaching outwards as all-inclusive organization, empowering communities of all races and religions – making an immense contribution to both businesses and professionals around the world. With a vast central infrastructure, The Chamber enhances the community’s clout, within the business and political worlds, improving community business’ prospects, while advocating for legislation at the federal, state and local levels. More info is available on the organization’s website at