Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Establishes Toy Distribution Center to Bring Smiles to Children in communities under fire

The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in devastating consequences for the people, especially the innocent children caught in the crossfire. With thousands of children hospitalized and orphaned, there is a severe need for something to bring a glimmer of joy to their lives and distract them from the horrors they have witnessed. In response to this need, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with its members in the toy industry, their partners, and an amazing team in Israel to establish a distribution center and dedicated teams to bring toys to children in the areas under fire.
The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce has always been committed to making a positive impact in communities and leveraging commerce relations as well as influencing policy and Building bridges between communities. With the escalation of violence in Israel, the Chamber saw the need to extend its helping hand in a much-needed way. By providing children with toys, aimed to provide a sense of normalcy and comfort amidst the chaos and fear especially while hiding in Bomb Shelters all day.
The distribution center established by the Chamber became the hub for the chamber and its partners Purchasing and organizing toys to distribute. 
The chambers incredible team in Israel is undertaking the courageous step of braving the dangerous areas under fire from Hamas missiles to deliver these toys directly to the children. No words can describe their dedication and we are extremely proud to have such a team on the ground.
Furthermore, the toys were not only distributed to children in the affected areas but equally so to wounded and orphaned children in hospitals throughout Israel. These children are alone in hospitals, filled with hundreds who had either been injured or lost their families and are in desperate need of something to bring joy and comfort. 
“Bringing Toys is the least we can do for these children says the chambers Founder/CEO Duvi Honig”.
The success of this initiative could not have been achieved without the dedication and collaboration of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerces teams in both Israel and the United States. The willingness of the team in Israel to enter danger zones to deliver toys and bring smiles to children's faces is truly commendable. Their bravery and selflessness exemplify the impact that a united community can have in responding to calls for help.
Additionally, the coordination and support provided by the Chamber's US team and partners played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the initiative. By leveraging the chambers commerce relations, the Chamber was able to mobilize resources instantly and establish effective channels for purchasing toys and distributing them to those in need. This level of coordination and collaboration between different stakeholders showcases the power of unity in making a positive impact in times of crisis.
Through these efforts, the chamber is not only providing a momentary escape from the horrors of war but also demonstrated the power of unity and collaboration in influencing policy and making a positive impact on society.

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