Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Joins Mike Pence AAF Requesting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken,to Redesignate Houthis As Foreign Terrorist Organization


Advancing American Freedom Founded by VP Mike Pence led a coalition letter with 42 co-signers which include The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, Former Assistant Secretary of State and United States of America Hon. Yleem D. S. Poblete, Ph.D. and Congressman Robert Pittenger Chairman, Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum calling on the Department of State to redesignate the Houthis as a terrorist organization after they have fired missiles at Israel and continually attacked American and other ships in the Red Sea, forcing the world’s largest shipping companies to reroute vessels, disrupting global trade and increasing oil prices.

“Removing the Houthis from the list of terrorist organizations was one of the first mistakes of this administration,” said AAF Executive Director Paul Teller. “As the Middle East grows more unstable after Hamas’ unprovoked attack in Israel, the Houthis have added to the chaos, and there is no diplomacy that will dissuade them. The United States must return to a posture of clear-headed realism and treat our enemies as they deserve to be treated.”

The letter begins by directly addressing Secretary Blinken and expressing concern over the recent decision to revoke the designation of the Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization. It characterizes this decision as "reckless and delusory," pointing to the ongoing acts of terrorism carried out by the Houthis, which include deploying drones and child soldiers and launching attacks on civilians, critical infrastructure, and even the United States military. The letter also highlights the global impact of the Houthis' actions, particularly their disruptive attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea. The signatories of the letter underscore the Houthis' collaboration with other Iran-backed terrorist organizations, particularly in the context of the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel. They emphasize that, despite the delisting of the Houthis as terrorists, they have continued to engage in acts of terror, further demonstrating the failure of the current approach in addressing this threat.
One of the key arguments made in the letter is the necessity for the United States to embrace a posture of "clear-headed realism" in its approach to terrorism. The signatories assert that the United States must be willing to name the brutal acts of the Houthis for what they are: terrorism. They call for the immediate relisting of the Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization, arguing that earnest intentions alone will not suffice in stopping the Houthis' campaign of terror.
The signatories of the letter represent a diverse range of expertise and experience, including individuals with background as former government officials, media personalities, and leaders of advocacy groups. The coalition's call for the redesignation of the Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization reflects a shared commitment to combatting terrorism and ensuring the safety and security of communities impacted by these acts of violence.
The letter represents a powerful and unified voice in the effort to safeguard the security and wellbeing of communities impacted by the Houthis' acts of terror.
Signatories include Paul Teller,
Executive Director
Advancing American Freedom
Hon. Yleem D. S. Poblete, Ph.D.
Former Assistant Secretary of State
United States of America
Josh Hammer
Senior Editor at Large
Congressman Robert Pittenger
Chairman, Parliamentary
Intelligence-Security Forum
Duvi Honig
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce
Matt Brooks
Republican Jewish Coalition
Robert Wilkie
10th Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Under Secretary of Defense, 2017-2018
Hon. Michele Bachmann
Dean, Robertson School of Government
Regent University
Ambassador Pete Hoekstra
Former Ambassador to the Netherlands
United States of America
The formal and forceful tone of the letter reflects the seriousness of the issue and the urgency with which the signatories believe this matter should be addressed. It is a call to action for the Secretary of State and the United States government to recognize the reality of the situation and take decisive steps to combat terrorism.