Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Joins the signatories submitted by Mike Pence to make sure US Taxpayers dollars are held accountable for and won’t fall in to the hands of terrorist

The Biden administration should stop funding America’s enemies

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The concern that the U.S. government is far too careless about where American money goes, undermining our strategic interests. Funds intended for humanitarian relief, for example, are in fact being used to support vicious attacks on Americans and our allies.

The sensible thing to do is simply to cut off all U.S. funds going to Hamas-controlled Gaza. Earlier this week, Advancing American Freedom, a nonprofit organization founded by former Vice President Mike Pence sent a letter alongside dozens of other conservative leaders including the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce as a signatory calling on Congress to do just that. “In light of the heinous war against Israel started by Hamas and supported by other Palestinian elements in the region, not one American taxpayer dollar should flow to or underwrite any Palestinian entity or person,” the signers wrote . Until Hamas is utterly destroyed and Gaza free from their brutal tyranny, the United States cannot trust that money sent to Palestinian groups will not be used in the war against Israel.

Take the Biden administration’s 2021 move to send $235 million in “humanitarian aid” to Palestinians. On the surface, the decision was motivated by good intentions. Helping Palestinian civilians is a noble goal. But the Biden administration’s decision to send this money betrayed their fundamental naivete about who actually rules in Gaza.

Hamas has a chokehold on civil society in Gaza. The Islamist group has ruled the population of 2 million with an iron fist since it seized power in 2007. From utilities such as water and electricity to sectors such as education and healthcare, Hamas is in complete control. It even runs the local judiciary according to restrictive Islamist legal codes. Gaza is effectively run as a terror state by one of the most bloodthirsty Islamist organizations on the planet, and the Biden administration must reckon with that fact.