Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Meets With Rep. Josh Gottheimer to Commend him for newly passed Holocaust Education Bill in Congress

In a world that is sometimes hostile to its Jewish populace, the Jewish community in the United States is fortunate to enjoy deep support among its nation’s elected class. One politician who has repeatedly distinguished himself as a champion of the Jewish community and the State of Israel is Rep. Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5), who is Jewish himself. 


Time and again, Gottheimer has been at the forefront of issues affecting the Jewish community, from threats to Israeli security to antisemitism to discrimination in the financial marketplace. Last year, he was instrumental in obtaining patriot missiles for the Israeli military. A few weeks ago, on January 17, Holocaust Remembrance Day, he introduced legislation to help keep the memory of the atrocities of the holocaust alive through a proactive approach toward incorporating it into school curricula.


The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce has a warm relationship with the congressman, who has always been eager to lend a hand on business development and programs close to the Chamber’s heart. Founder and CEO Duvi Honig met with Gottheimer along with the chamber’s Ambassador Moshe Kinderlehrer to express their appreciation for the recent holocaust legislation and to discuss incorporating Holocaust survivor Artist Morris Katz President Collection in to Federal Holocaust Education.

Another Topic discussed was job creation on New Jersey and stimulating business development throughout the nation. New Jersey Economic Development Day, which the Chamber introduced, coming up in May, Mr. Honig and Rep. Gottheimer discussed working together to fully exploit the potential for driving economic growth.