Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce participates at DMCC GROW YOUR COMPANY GLOBALLY FROM DUBAI in NYC

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce is honored to have had the opportunity to participate in the DMCC Grow Your Company Globally from Dubai event in New York City. This event, hosted by DMCC, brought together influential figures from various chambers of commerce, including our close friend Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO of DMCC, and Mark Jaffe, President of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce.

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to unite with our global partners at DMCC to promote commerce and enhance economic opportunities worldwide. We believe that through commerce, we can bridge cultural and religious divides, fostering understanding and cooperation. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share a common goal of promoting economic growth, creating jobs, and fostering financial stability for our communities.

The presence of esteemed individuals such as Ahmed Bin Sulayem and Mark Jaffe underscores the importance of collaboration and partnership between various chambers of commerce. It sends a powerful message that cooperation can transcend cultural and religious differences, leading to mutual success and prosperity.

We were also pleased to have Cara Nazari, CEO of AmCham Dubai, Mohammed Mohammed, Regional Representative for the Americas & Oceania at DMCC, and Feryal Ahmadi, COO of DMCC, join us at this event. Their expertise and insights have provided invaluable guidance and support to businesses seeking to expand globally.

As we reflect on this event, we are filled with hope and optimism for the future. The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce will continue to work tirelessly to strengthen relationships, forge new partnerships, and facilitate global trade. Together with our global partners, we are confident in our ability to create a world where commerce brings people together, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.