Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce welcomes Israel's acceptance into Visa Waiver Program

The announcement by the US government that Israel has been accepted to the Visa Waiver Program has been met with applause and commendation from the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and its Board of directors. Duvi Honig, the founder and CEO of the Chamber, expressed his appreciation to President Biden, Secretary Blinken, Secretary Mayorkas, and the entire Biden Administration for their leadership in making this bilateral priority a reality. Honig also congratulated Israel and recognized the efforts of successive governments and dedicated civil servants who have worked tirelessly to achieve Israel's acceptance into the program.
President Biden's commitment two years ago to help Israel fulfill the requirements for entry into the program has now come to fruition. With Israel becoming the 41st country to join the Visa Waiver Program, the security ties between the US and Israel will be further strengthened. This will promote greater commerce and enable businesses to travel more freely between the two countries, fostering collaboration and innovation. The entry of all Israelis into the program later this year will undoubtedly enhance business ties, expand people-to-people connections, and promote cross-cultural understanding.
The significance of Israel's acceptance into the program extends beyond the bilateral relationship between the US and Israel. Jewish communities across the United States have a significant stake in this development, and community leaders nationwide have voiced their support for Israel's bid. The recognition of reciprocal privileges and equal treatment for all US passport holders in Israel's entry into the program is also of vital importance. It is crucial for others to acknowledge the extent of the commitments and changes Israel has enacted, as the US government has done with its announcement.
The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, as a prominent organization representing the interests of Orthodox Jewish businesses, recognizes the potential economic and cultural benefits that Israel's participation in the Visa Waiver Program will bring. The Chamber understands that facilitating easier travel for business purposes fosters growth, creates opportunities for networking and collaboration, and encourages economic development. By strengthening the ties between US and Israeli businesses, the Chamber believes that this development will result in increased trade and investment, benefiting both countries.
Moreover, the Chamber emphasizes the significance of people-to-people connections that will be fostered as a result of Israel's participation in the program. Through greater ease of travel, individuals from both countries will be able to interact, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. This cross-cultural understanding will not only promote unity but also encourage innovation and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.
The enthusiasm displayed by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce reflects the broader sentiment within the Orthodox Jewish community towards this announcement. It highlights the shared values and strong ties between the Jewish community in the US and the State of Israel. The Chamber's advocacy for Israel's acceptance into the Visa Waiver Program underscores its commitment to supporting businesses and fostering economic growth within the community.
As all Israelis gain access to the program later this year, it will undoubtedly strengthen business ties, promote people-to-people connections, and foster cross-cultural understanding. This development is of great importance to Jewish communities across the United States, and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically supports and celebrates this milestone.