Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce welcomes Turkish Airlines as a platinum sponsor for its upcoming J biz expo on December 18th and 19th in Atlantic City




The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce that Turkish Airlines has been welcomed as a platinum sponsor for its highly anticipated J Biz Expo ( taking place on December 18th and 19th in Atlantic City Harrars Waterfront Expo Center. This partnership between the chamber and Turkish Airlines marks an exciting opportunity to unite through commerce and bridge the gaps between businesses and countries from around the world.

Emre Ismailoglu, the General Manager of Turkish Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration and the chance to bring together diverse businesses at the J Biz Expo 2023. Turkish Airlines has made it their mission to connect people and businesses globally, and becoming a platinum sponsor of this prestigious event aligns perfectly with their vision.

One of the highlights of this partnership is the special discounts that Turkish Airlines will be offering to all businesses flying in from various corners of the globe to attend the J Biz Expo. By creating affordable travel options, Turkish Airlines is working hand in hand with the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce to make the world a smaller place. This not only benefits the businesses attending the expo, but it also fosters international collaboration and allows for the exploration of new ventures with a global reach.

The J Biz Expo has become renowned as a platform for connecting businesses and strengthening economies. As the expo organizers continue to build bridges, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce extends an invitation to businesses and countries from all over the world to join them at this prestigious event. By seizing the unprecedented opportunities presented at the J Biz Expo, attendees have the chance to forge new relationships, expand networks, and explore potential partnerships that can lead to tremendous growth and success.

At the expo, participants will have the chance to engage in a mini World Fair of sorts, where they can connect with government representatives, industry leaders, and businesses both nationally and internationally. The extensive array of workshops, keynote presentations, and industry panels will cover a wide range of topics, including international trade, women in the workforce, and much more. This diverse lineup of sessions ensures that attendees will find invaluable insights and opportunities regardless of their industry or sector.

Turkish Airlines, with its commitment to excellence and global connectivity, is playing a vital role in uniting the world of commerce at the J Biz Expo. By partnering with the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Airlines is empowering businesses to grow, expand, and thrive. This collaboration creates an environment for fostering connections on a global scale, paving the way towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

It is essential for businesses and professionals to spread the word and ensure the success of this grand event. The J Biz Expo presents an exceptional opportunity to connect with a diverse range of professionals from various industries and explore possibilities that have the potential to transform your business. The sponsorship of Turkish Airlines provides a unique advantage, enabling attendees to access the event from all corners of the world.

In conclusion, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce is elated to welcome Turkish Airlines as a platinum sponsor for the J Biz Expo. This partnership, with its special discounts and global connectivity, epitomizes the vision of uniting the world through commerce. The expo's focus on fostering connections, strengthening economies, and empowering businesses ensures that this event will be a stepping-stone towards a brighter future. Together with Turkish Airlines and its leadership, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce is committed to making the J Biz Expo a resounding success.