Orthodox Jewish Chamber President Chairs Korean Government Expo in Anaheim California

Orthodox Jewish Chamber President Chairs Korean Government Expo in Anaheim California 
The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce made history when its president, Duvi Honig, was appointed as the Chairman of the Korean Government's Expo in Anaheim, California. This appointment showcased the chamber's ability to unite the world through commerce and build bridges between countries. With over 100,000 people in attendance from Korea and around the world, this event was a significant accomplishment for both Duvi Honig and the chamber.
One of the most significant moments of the expo was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and Governor LEE CHEOL WOO of Gyeongsangbuk-do.

This MOU aimed to strengthen trade and cultural ties between the two regions, offering exciting opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth. This agreement symbolized the chamber's commitment to fostering global connections and promoting economic development in diverse communities.
The 2023 World Korean Business Convention, also known as the 제21차 세계한인비즈니스대회 세계한상대회, was an extraordinary gathering of Korean business leaders from around the world. As the Chairman of this prestigious event, Duvi Honig was privileged to witness firsthand the importance of global business connections and their impact on both local and international economies.
The event began with a poignant moment of silence, led by Cheol Lee, Commissioner of the Overseas Koreans Agency for Israel. This powerful tribute aimed to honor the victims of violence in the region and highlight the significance of unity and peace. In his opening remarks, Duvi Honig emphasized the importance of supporting Israel, sharing his personal experiences from the recent war and the chamber's efforts to assist American tourists stranded in Israel by urging the State Department to send emergency evacuation planes.
Joining Duvi Honig for the opening remarks were influential individuals from various sectors of the business world. These distinguished guests included Byung Gu Hwang, Chair of the WKBC Organizing Committee, Ted Lee, President of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA, Israel Bachar, Consul General to the Pacific Southwest, Mark Jaffe, President & CEO of the Great New York Chamber of Commerce, Sang Don Park, Mayor of Cheonan City, Korea, Eun soo Moon, Chair of the Board of Directors at Blue Moon Dream, Cheonan, Korea, Ian Williamson, Dean of the Paul Merge School of Business, and Richard Swanson, Senior Advisor at the Office of the Regional Director, UC Irvine International Trade Administration.
During the expo, Duvi Honig had the privilege of hosting a private discussion alongside Ian Williamson, the esteemed Dean of the University of California, Davis. Their discussions revolved around addressing the challenges surrounding Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitism issues on college campuses, particularly in light of Israel's ongoing conflict. As representatives of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, both Duvi Honig and Ian Williamson were committed to working together to combat these issues and promote harmony and respect within universities worldwide.
The event emphasized the importance of building bridges and fostering understanding between different cultures and communities. It was a shared responsibility to promote respect and unity on university campuses globally. Together, Duvi Honig, Ian Williamson, and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce believed that they could make a difference and create a positive impact.
In conclusion, Duvi Honig's role as the Chairman of the Korean Government's Expo in Anaheim, California, was not only a significant achievement for himself but also a testament to the strength and importance of global business connections. The event showcased the Orthodox Communitys strength in commerce led by the the Orthodox Jewish chamber of Commerces ability to foster collaboration and exchange opportunities empowering all. Being the only black kippa in the room in this historic event was a big Kiddush Hashem, highlighting the diversity and unity within the chamber.
It was heartwarming Witnessing the support and condolences offered by many Koreans for the Jewish victims of Hamas and the war. The Expo served as a platform for building international relationships and promoting global harmony.