Orthodox Jewish Chamber speaks at Roundtable with Gov Phil murphy about Covid-19

Duvi Honig, founder and CEO of Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, said he’s worried about how Lakewood is being perceived and that the outbreak there is at risk of being misrepresented and could lead to antisemitism.

“When we have increased testing, our numbers are higher,” Honig said. “But we’re doing increased testing to stay safe, not to show the media and be misrepresented that our numbers are much higher. It can increase the challenge of anti-Semitism."

Honig addressed the media directly

”Please cover us, Lakewood, fairly, because we want to do the testing and we want people to come out," he said. “And I feel hesitation from our leadership coming to us saying, ‘Duvi, we want to do the testing, but we’re afraid it’s a trick to be flagged as bigger numbers and then have repercussions.’”

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