Parnassah Expo

Parnassah Expo 2015: Join the Business World on the Floor – Exactly Where You Want To Be

By: Shimmy Blum

View. Select. Submit. Its yours.
The 2015 Parnassah Expo introduces their new interactive floor plan where booth registration is in full gear!

The Expo will be held on March 17th and 18th at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center, the state’s largest exhibition hall.

With an innovative new registration system for the Expo’s main B2B multi-industry trade show, you can be exactly where you want to be – in the heart of the action.

One visit to will show you exactly what the buzz is all about. In front of your eyes is a detailed floor map, on which you can easily select the booth you wish to reserve. First come, first serve. If you’ll notice something particularly fresh about the layout, you’re precisely on target. This year, the main B2B floor will include businesses from across the world, in a cross section of industries, intermingled in one central section. It is open to those in all industries but not divided by industry. The energy and networking prospects for will be exceptionally strong throughout the entire floor.

There is so much you can gain by interacting with such a large and diverse segment of the global business world, most of whom you would ordinarily never reach. 

If you are an elite industry leader, there’s a special “Red Carpet” section for you to exhibit in. Everyone who walks in to the Expo will walk through that section and be tempted to see what you have to offer.

If you are a small business, startup or sole proprietorship, there’s the perfect option for you too. For a particularly affordable rate, exhibitors can be featured at the first-ever “Tabletop Station” exhibition section. The smaller exhibition space is perfectly suited for these sorts of businesses and offer vast exposure to everyone else on the floor.

There is also a standard premium package, where exhibitors get extra perks together with their booth purchase. This option is recommended for the average business, offering excellent exposure in the booth of choice, with a fully lloaded package of goodies.

The two day Expo will feature a host of exciting guests, seminars, panels, speakers, shows and more. Stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead.

“Each year, we aim to make a superb event even better,” says founder and director Reb Duvi Honig. “Baruch Hashem, we’ve accomplished this again beyond expectations. We look forward to helping everyone in our community benefit.” 

Booth and sponsorship reservations for the 2015 Parnassah Expo are well underway. The earlier you reserve, the better choices you have. Visit or call 855-PAR-EXPO for more information.