Press Release: Enjoying the outdoors? Make sure you know the real dangers of ticks!

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Enjoying the outdoors? Make sure you know the real dangers of ticks! 
The weather’s warm; school is over; and events and establishments are getting close to normal. We are outdoors now more than we’ve been in a long time.
While the risk of contracting Covid-19 outdoors is relatively low, you still need to be vigilant to protect the health of both adults and children. Dangerous ticks are very prevalent in New Jersey during the summer, particularly in wooded areas in and around Lakewood. 
The Life for Lyme organization, a division of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s Health and Medical Alliance, compiled a comprehensive presentation (see attached) for medical professionals and educators; elected officials; and the general public, summarizing the many tick related diseases, symptoms and misnomers, as well as steps that should be taken to protect the public. This was presented to Governor Phil Murphy, Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli and other top administration officials, who continue to work with Life for Lyme to move specific agenda items. 
Most people are already familiar with standard precautionary measures, such as avoiding heavy tick areas; wearing repellant; inspecting adults and children for bites or rashes; and seeking prompt medical attention if you see something suspicious.However, there is a lot more to know – Lyme related facts that even many in the medical community are not properly aware of. 
In addition to their robust efforts on the awareness and public policy fronts, Life for Lyme operates a call center and support groups to guide individuals who have confirmed or potentialtickborne disease. Avrohom Safier, a volunteer Life for Lyme case manager, says that the call center has been fielding a particularly high volume in recent weeks, as the Coronavirus pandemic brought greater awareness of infectious disease. In fact, the symptoms of Coronavirus and tickborne disease often overlap. 
One of Life for Lyme’s primary missions is to spread awareness that tickborne disease can cause an exceptionally wide variety of symptoms, both physical and behavioral, well beyond the standard telltale bullseye rash and fatigue. “I constantly advise people that if you or your child is experiencing any chronic symptom that is hard to explain and just won’t go away, check whether it may be Lyme or another tickborne disease,” says Mr. Safier. 
There are many variations of tickborne disease. Not all of them are accurately picked up by conventional testing, or even known to most doctors. Life for Lyme is working tirelessly to make sure that the public can access the most knowledgeable professionals and tests, and that other medical professionals acquire the proper knowledge regarding these diseases. 
“Lyme Disease is among the least understood diseases out there, and that unfortunately places the lives and wellbeing of countless people at risk each year,” says Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and Life for Lyme. “I would like to thank the devoted members of the Life for Lyme team for their tireless work to save lives and enhance the quality of life of so many.” 
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