The State of Israel and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Thank NJ Governor Phil Murphy for His Stance on Anti-Semitism

Mr. Gidon Saar, the Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister of the State of Israel, sent a personal letter to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, thanking the Governor and his administration for working together with Jewish organizations such as the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce to fight hate and anti-Semitism generated by Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company Unilever.  
Unilever said it would no longer sell its ice cream in occupied territories. New Jersey was the first state to take action against Unilever’s decision by pulling $182 million in its investment of Unilever, which has its headquarters in New Jersey. According to the New York Times, New Jersey was also the first of 50 states to invoke a law that prohibits public investments in companies that engage in boycotts.
In the letter to the Governor, Saar whose office oversees fighting BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) said, “I want to thank and commend you for taking a strong stance against those who seek to harm the world’s only Jewish State. We thank you for…working alongside local Jewish partners to fight against anti-Semitism. We are fortunate to have bold and genuine friends like yourself who bravely align themselves with the truth.”
Duvi Honig president of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce who works with both Israel and the United States, helped facilitate the letter to the Governor. The letter highlights the importance of working together with the Jewish community helping fight and protect Jews and the state of Israel.