Economic Bright Spots Already Seen as NJ Begins Reopening Process >>

Economic Bright Spots Already Seen as NJ Begins Reopening Process

Economic Bright Spots Already Seen as NJ Begins Reopening Process 
As New Jersey and much of the world grapple with an unprecedented health and economic catastrophe, some bright spots can already be seen.
This week, Governor Phil Murphy announced the easing of some of the lockdown measures implemented in the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, including the opening of parks, golf courses and other outdoor recreation spaces in accordance with social distancing guidelines. 
The real life devastation of the lockdown cannot be overstated. As one example, Crystal Springs Resort, which operates six prestigious golf courses and two hotels in New Jersey and is the largest employer in its region, was forced to lay off 90% of its 1,300 employees and default on obligations to vendors.
Julia Mulvihill, CEO of Crystal Springs Resort, a member of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, reached out to the Chamber for help. The Chamber’s leadership personally reached out to the governor, advocating for the pressing economic needs of Crystal Springs and other Chamber members, as well as their countless cumulative employees in dire straits.
The day the Governor announced the lifting of the outdoor lockdown, Ms. Mulvihill sent the Chamber a heartfelt letter of thanks for its advocacy in enabling the company to reopen safely, rehire its employees, pay vendors and contribute enormously to the state’s tax base. “This gesture will have a long reaching impact and is an important start to the state’s economic recovery,” Ms. Mulvihill stated. “We are lucky to have an advocate like the Orthodox Jewish Chamber by our side.” 
With every sector of the economy opened, the positive ripple effects at the grassroots level cannot be overestimated. “This is a gradual process that will unfold in the weeks and months ahead,” says Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Chamber. “I can attest that the Governor and his team are highly sympathetic to the economic plight of the state’s businesses and hardworking citizens, all the while being prudent in protecting the public’s health.” 
The Chamber has worked closely with the governor on a personal level and with the highest echelons of his administration since the onset of the Coronavirus crisis to assist New Jerseyans with their economic needs and help get the economy reopened in a safe manner. The Chamber has aggressively advocated at both the state and federal levels for various successful relief initiatives, including SBA loans and grants; mortgage and credit card debt relief; and more.
“These are incredibly consequential times for all of us, especially business owners,” says Mr. Honig. “It is a privilege to be on the front lines as an effective voice for business owners of all backgrounds, in all industries. The Chamber looks forward to continue working with our powerful network to promote economic success for all of us.”