Recognizing For Women’s History Month, Joann J. Hill, DC Chief, Office of Minority Business Development Agency - US Department of Commerce

Start Time: 6:00 pm

End Time: 8:00 pm

Region: Tri-State

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce together with the GNYCC will be Hosting Women's History Awards Cocktail Reception in New York City recognizing Women who have attained Leadership positions.

We are proud to Announce We will be Recognizing ForWomen’s History Month 2024, Joann J. Hill, DC Chief, Office of Minority Business Development Agency - US Department of Commerce


The Program will start off with a cocktail Networking Reception and include Women Business Exhibits, a panel and Q&A session helping empower other women reach new heights. The Event will conclude with an awards ceremony.

The Panel and Awards ceremony includes Women of all races and cultures.

As we celebrate Women's History Month, it is important to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions of women leaders. Joann J. Hill, the Chief Director of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) at the US Department of Commerce, is a remarkable example of leadership and dedication. Her work in overseeing the Office of Business Development and leading federal program officer for a nationwide network of MBDA Business Centers is truly commendable. Her efforts in promoting business development, access to capital, contracts, and emerging markets, both domestically and internationally, are a testament to her commitment to fostering growth and opportunities for minority businesses.

The recognition of Joann J. Hill and other outstanding women leaders at the Women's History Month Recognition event in Times Square, NYC is a powerful demonstration of the commitment to empower and uplift women in business and leadership. By showcasing the achievements of these women, the event is not only celebrating their success but also providing a platform for networking, collaboration, and empowerment. It is an opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs, and community members to connect with influential leaders and gain valuable insights and support.

In addition to recognizing Joann J. Hill, the event will honor other remarkable women who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Their achievements serve as an inspiration and testament to the impact of women in leadership roles. The event will not only celebrate the achievements of women but also advocate as a platform for breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for meaningful interactions and partnerships.



Women's History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. This March marks the 37th annual Women's History Month. The month-long observance is a time to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout U.S. history.

The actual celebration of Women’s History Month grew out of a weeklong celebration of women’s contributions to culture, history and society organized by the school district of Sonoma, California, in 1978.


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