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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a “Chamber of Commerce”?

It is a union of businesses and professionals, of a particular region or community. Chamber members share common goals and interests. With the right leadership, the chamber “gets places” on behalf of its members, offering them opportunity to network and connect with resources that they couldn’t access on their own.

How did it come about?

Since we began being active with Parnassah Network and our other projects five years ago, our goal has been to raise awareness about the parnassah crisis and service the needs of both the career and business sectors that relate to our community. A lot of attention has been paid towards the job and educational end.

However, as we continued our endeavors, we realized how little out there has been geared to help those opening and running businesses. There is such a need for business services, and we were able to accomplish so much when we focused this end.

What do I gain if I join?

As an OJC member, you’re part of a powerful union, and you have access to resources and potential that you cannot get on your own. 

Your business gets tremendous exposure on our website and other literature; it’s placed “on the map.” Businesses have a powerful voice and clout when dealing with the government or major corporations. You have invaluable power to network. The chamber opens doors to be able to do business major business or government entities. It opens doors to get capital or services from banks, government programs or other entities.

A chamber is a serious player in every level of the business world.

Synergy that strengthens everyone, everywhere.

What type of businesses qualify as members?

Any type of business, of any size, anywhere in the world. You can take a look at our website and see how diverse our members are. They literally cover every industry.

Is it only open to business owned by members of the Orthodox community?

No. Any business that interacts with members of our community, and looks to forge a relationship with our community, is an integral part of this effort as well.