Financial Giants Amused by Israeli Technology at Israeli Government-Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce VIP Expo >>

Financial Giants Amused by Israeli Technology at Israeli Government-Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce VIP Expo



High level executives and tech officers from major banks, financial firms and other corporate giants gathered on Wednesday at the Wells Fargo corporate office on East 42nd Street in Manhattan for a by-invitation-only VIP expo of Israeli “FinTech” financial services technology.

The event was arranged by the Israeli government’s Economic Minister to North America Inon Elroy in conjunction with the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, led by Founder and CEO Duvi Honig and Odeleya Jacobs, VP of Economic Development and Public Policy.

Israel is renowned for the cutting edge innovations of its booming hi-tech sector. Countless technologies utilized in the US and around the world originated in Israel. FinTech is fast emerging as a major hi tech sector through which Israeli ingenuity is transforming the way banks, investment firms, insurers, healthcare companies, payment processors and many others do business – with improvements in speed, security and cost.

Dozens of Israeli FinTech companies exhibited their innovations and networked one-on-one with the executives who represented companies like Citi, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Barclays, BlackRock and B & H Photo. These giants were enamored by the innovations and are in the process of incorporating many of them into their operations.

Duvi Honig relates his excitement at the success of this event, and explains that this is merely the beginning of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s relationship with the Israeli government and broader Israeli economy. There will be a wide variety of joint projects in the months and years ahead that will bring the American and Israeli business worlds closer together, and benefit members of the Jewish communities in both countries. Already, many major Israeli businesses and personalities are set to attend and/or exhibit at the Chamber’s flagship J-Biz Expo and Business Conference, which will be held on June 15th at the New Jersey Expo Center.

“The Chamber’s mission is to connect the international business world in the most effective way,” says Duvi Honig. “I would like to thank Minister Elroy and all esteemed executives for participating in this historic event, which has already spurred untold economic benefit for all of us.”