ISRAEL event Press release >>

ISRAEL event Press release

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce & JLM-BioCity invites you to join its first 2019 Jerusalem event on January 28th.


With over ten bio companies in Jerusalem introducing or close to introducing revolutionary healthcare solutions that will impact the world. 


We are proud to introduce Israeli Bio tech startups that can help save many lives around the world says Founder & CEO Duvi Honig of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce.


Event Keynotes include.

* Avi Kleiman, CEO, RenalSense
* Joshua Phillipson, Head, business development, BiondVax
* Jeff Gabbay, CEO and founder, Argaman Technologies
* Sagi Brink-Danan, CEO & Board Director, HIL Applied Medical
* Josh Hexter, Chief Business Officer, Brainsway
* Dan Teleman, CEO, Atox Bio

The Jerusalem Bio Companies that are near or started entering the market, are:
* ORAMED - oral administration of insulin for type 1 and type 2 diabetes
* GAMIDA CELL - treating blood cancer and rare genetic diseases using cellular and immunological therapeutics
* BIONDVAX - a vaccine that could eradicate the flu
* RENAL SENSE - early detection of Acute Kidney Injury for ICU patients through real-time monitoring of urine-flow
* BRAINSWAY - noninvasive, non-drug brain disorders treatment such as depression, OCD, PST, achieving outcomes not thought possible with traditional medical solutions
* HIL Applied Medical - a new class of ultra-compact, high-performance cancer Proton Therapy systems.
* ATOX Bio - treating Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections and Acute Kidney Injury using Immunomodulators
* VIDAC Pharma – a new class of drugs that selectively target malignant skin cancer cells with minimal effects on surrounding healthy skin.
* ARGAMAN TECHNOLOGIES - self-sterilizing sheets and clothing.
* BIOCANCELL THERAPEUTICS - novel gene therapy for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer
* INTEC PHARMA - novel gastro-retentive drug delivery system for Parkinson’s disease
* CELLCURE - treating dry Age-related Macular Degeneration using stem cell therapies
* ENVILEX THERAPEUTICS - cell-based therapy for rebalancing the immune system to control severe immune attacks on multiple healthy organs, to impede Sepsis, solid tumours, BMT.

The event will take place in room C-207 bldg 3 at Azrieli College of Engineering.

RVSP to reserve your place on this Meetup page. Pl note that you also need to fill out for parking the enclosed link