OJC Announces Anglo Empowerment Conference in Jerusalem March 7, 2018 >>

OJC Announces Anglo Empowerment Conference in Jerusalem March 7, 2018

Anglo residents of Israel are no longer on the sidelines of the Israeli economy, thanks to the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s (OJC) new Israel branch. The branch and its robust Executive Committee are wasting no time stimulate entrepreneurship and hiring among Anglo-Israeli residents, and better connect them with the American International and Israeli economic engines. 
Following its Israel Launch with Anthony Scaramucci and it’s most recent VIP business networking event January 14 in the king David , OJC-Israel announced that it will be hosting a grassroots job fair/startup business networking event on Wednesday, March 7th, at the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel in Yerushalayim.
The event will feature a multitude of resources and networking opportunities for individuals to find jobs, hire employees, recruit investors, win over new clients and, in general, to network with others in any given industry. Display tables, speed networking venues, hiring badges, incubator/accelerator programs to cultivate and fund new business ventures, shared office space venues, business consultants, services providers and more will all be there. American and European based businesses looking to hire talented Anglo-Israeli men and women are encouraged to participate as well.  
Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the OJC, explains that this event represents a historic breakthrough. The Anglo-Israeli community are primarily first or second generation immigrants who struggle to break through in the mainstream ‘sabra’ economy. At the same time, they are very talented and motivated and are especially effective at dealing with English speaking associates and clients around the world. Until nowthere were few, if any, professional resources or events targeted to help them succeed economically. 
That is no longer the case. OJC - Israel is focusing like a laser on this promising, growing and under-tapped demographic and will be rolling out additional exciting resources in the months ahead.  “It’s a new day in Israel,” Duvi says, “and it’s very exciting.”
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