Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Congratulates “Dear Friend” John Bolton on National Security Post >>

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Congratulates “Dear Friend” John Bolton on National Security Post

Following President Trump’s announcement that former UN Ambassador John Bolton will assume the role as National Security Advisor, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce congratulated him on his new position. The statement was issued jointly by Dr. Joseph Frager, Executive VP; J. Morton Davis, Chairman; and Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO: 
“We would like to congratulate our dear friend, Ambassador John Bolton, upon being appointed by the President to serve our nation in this most crucial position. As National Security Advisor, Ambassador Bolton will help shape U.S. national security and foreign policy for years to come. As a Chamber of Commerce, we understand that national security and economic prosperity go hand in hand. In a safer, more just world, businesses around the globe prosper – and individuals of all nationalities and ethnicities succeed. 
“Ambassador Bolton’s experience and understanding of the world are unparalleled. He is a wise and innovative thinker who offers practical solutions to complex issues. During our many conversations on issues of importance to the United States, we saw firsthand the Ambassador’s stellar knowledge, wisdom, character and adherence to principle. We are confident that he will bring about positive change for America’s national security and economic success.
“Our relationship with Ambassador Bolton goes back years, both publicly and, even more so, behind the scenes. Most notably, on December 11, 2016, Ambassador Bolton stood on our side in front of the United Nations, in the frigid cold, to warn of the impending disaster of the UN denial of the history of Jerusalem. That was shortly before the infamous UN Resolution 2334 was adopted. Ambassador Bolton had the clarity of vision to foresee the threat and battle it, before others did. 
“Ambassador Bolton is solid, dependable and loyal – and a great friend of Israel. We stood together on many occasions, on behalf of many great causes, including American Friends of AteretCohanim and American Friends of Bet El institutions. Together with Ambassador David Friedman and other friends in the administration, there has never been a better team to help bring peace to the Middle East and around the world.”