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Astor Brokerage, Ltd.

Name: Akiva Teitz

Title: Investment properties consultant

Address: 72-38 Main Street, c/o Astor B

Address: FLUSHING, NY 11367

Phone: 7182634500



Industry: Real Estate

Business Bio: Akiva has been renting and selling real estate for over 50 years. He has been involved in investment properties, renovations, auction properties and construction over the years. He has sold most of the homes in Kew Gardens Hills to over two generations of homeowners. His greatest and most cherished accomplishment is the building of a shul for his father, HaRav Elchanan Teitz, ztzl, in 1983 in Kew Gardens Hills. The shul, Aderes Eliyahu, carries the name of the Aderes, a relative of the Teitz family. Today, Akiva spends time coaching and mentoring new agents.

Business Description: Astor Brokerage has been in the KGH community for over 45 years active in the sale of 1-3 family houses, rentals, co-op and condo sales.