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M. Ben Reich

Name: Ben Reich

Title: consultant

Address: 1731 45th Street

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11204

Phone: 3474976262



Industry: Real Estate

Business Bio: The team at M. Ben Reich is knowledgeable and thereby has the ability to inform its clients with any changes in the law that can affect your property or business.

Business Description: M. Ben Reich is a full-service consulting firm for your real estate business. We are a real estate consulting firm, advising our clients on Administrative and Code Enforcement issues. We typically work with commercial and residential real estate owners, managers and developers who need that edge and guidance to improve their ability to focus on their more important tasks. Our services include, violation removal assistance, ranging from a Department of Sanitation violation, HPD registration filing, certifying correction of a violation, Dept. of Consumer Affairs stoop line stand, to releasing an escrow account, Criminal summonses, Water overages, environmental issues, expediting Dept. of Buildings’ matters, ECB representation, Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Site assessment phase I, and II, we now also offer incorporating services.