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Name: Eli Shine

Title: Mr

Address: 1125 Ocean Avenue Lakewood

Address: Lakewood, NJ 08701

Phone: 7323331337

Email: eshine@madisonspecs


Industry: Real Estate

Business Bio: I qualified as a psychologist and have run my own coaching and consulting business since 2007 helping clients to develop themselves and their businesses. I missed being part of a bigger team and in 2017 I joined Madison SPECS. I believe in the age old values of business. As you will see from my recommendations, I genuinely care about every person I meet, whether they are potential clients or not. I make every effort to serve, provide value and go the extra mile. I believe that building relationships, collaborating and creating situations where everyone wins will always be the foundations of genuine success. Our services at Madison SPECS help owners of commercial real estate to depreciate their property in the best possible way. Employing a third party for cost segregation clearly demonstrates to the IRS that you are doing things according to the book, and at the same time lowers your income tax bill in the years following a sale improving cash-flow significantly. I believe that the best business is done in an environment of trust and mutual value. When I talk to a property owner or his accountant I consult as an adviser. If cost segregation is going to help we provide the very best service, and if it\'s not a good fit we will have built another layer of trust that is a basic building block of future business.

Business Description: Madison SPECS (Specialized Property Engineering and Cost Segregation) is a company uniquely focused on providing Cost Segregation services to its clients. We have strategic partnerships with CPA's nationally as well as serving building owners directly.