OJC Committees

The chamber is launching several committees, with representatives from each region, offering individuals throughout the world's Jewish communities the opportunity to make a difference and facilitate some of the OJC's most important services.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the chamber’s most powerful and prestigious body, overseeing our broad network of member businesses and regional committees. The committee consists of a select group recognized businesses and community leaders who form the brain trust of all OJC initiatives and operations. By invitation only.
Regional Sub-Committee

Each Regional Sub-Committee is comprised of up to 10 Businesses from within each community. They will be involved in the planning and orchestrating networking events for their local businesses and community/region. Each Regional committee will also assist with solicitation of donations for events and drawings, as needed. Committee members will  make a real positive impact on the lives of their friends and neighbors, while significantly gaining business exposure within the business world.

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee will join members from multiple regions and will keep the chamber board and members informed on pending legislation. It serves as an opportunity for members to develop relationships with their elected officials. This committee will also play an important role in helping the Chamber develop its legislative agenda for the OJC members.
To find out more about serving on one of the prestigious OJC committees, please contact us by clicking here.



Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce ambassadors are the face and hands of our special group. Ambassadors are a group of selected volunteers who are key to our grassroots operations. They welcome and recruit new chamber members, act as representatives at chamber functions, and offer chamber members support in our various programs.

Ambassadors are active in all of their local OJC chapter's activities. They attend OJC functions and promote the benefits of the organization to potential and new members. Becoming an Ambassador offers constant opportunity to connect with individuals who can help them move ahead in their own endeavors.

Professional Benefits

  • Advance towards your dreams through strategic networking
  • Increase exposure for you and your company.
  • Expand your client base and professional contacts


  • Ambassador applicants must be members in good standing, and participate in the necessary process.
  • Ambassador status can be revoked at any time for the following reasons: cancellation of membership, inability to fulfill responsibilities agreed upon, missing two or more consecutive Ambassador meetings without prior permission from the OJC.


  • Ambassador must be familiar with OJC services and programs, as well as area businesses
  • The Ambassador have a strong motivation for helping the community through OJC programs, and proactive help the Chamber.
  • The Ambassador must have the leadership skills necessary to guide new members


  • Ambassadors will mentor several new or inactive members each year, as needed. The Ambassador will keep in contact with assigned members for at least one year.
  • Ambassadors should leave membership information at non-member businesses they visit.
  • Ambassadors should encourage members to be as active and productive as possible. 
  • Ambassadors are expected to volunteer at OJC events
  • At periodic meetings, Ambassadors will be informed of any new OJC developments, and will report their progress and future outlook

Meeting Dates

  • To Be Determined

Awards & Recognition

  • Ambassador of the Quarter
  • Ambassador of the Year

Women in the Workforce Committee

Female entrepreneurs and professionals will lead a special committee dedicated to the unique needs of Orthodox girls and women in the business world. Whether proprietors of a business or employees, Orthodox women face a unique set of challenges, both religiously and logistically. Through networking, brainstorming and sharing experiences, members of the committee will offer Orthodox women from across the globe invaluable guidance and resources.

Industry Committees

Proprietors of businesses in specific industries will form committees dedicated to their particular industry. Committee members will network, exchange ideas, and present resources, helping themselves and others in that industry advance in their endeavors.

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