Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Responds to UN Vote Against Israel >>

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Responds to UN Vote Against Israel


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Responds to UN Vote Against Israel


In response to the adoption of UN Resolution 2334, and the US abstention in the vote, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Public Policy Committee released the following joint statement by its members, Dr. Jospeh Frager, Dr. Paul Brody, Odeleya Jacobs and Duvi Honig:

“It is profoundly disappointing to have witnessed this shameful one sided resolution pass the UN Security Council as the US refused to veto it. As innocents are slaughtered across the world on a daily basis, and despots tighten their grip on power, the UN has once again decided to almost exclusively focus on the sole Jewish nation on earth and the only democracy in the Middle East.


“This resolution not only delegitimizes the right of Jews to live peacefully in Judea and Samaria; it also designates sites such as the Western Wall and the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem as ‘occupied territory.’ This resolution has the potential to empower the most vile anti-Israel, anti-peace forces of the Mideast and across the world, including terrorist organizations and the BDS movement. It also threatens residents of Judea and Samaria, and Israeli government officials, with prosecution. The resolution destroys - not helps - the prospect of peace in the region, which can only be reached through good faith negotiations between both parties.


“What is most painful about this resolution is that the US has actively abetted its adoption, breaking decades of bipartisan precedent. President Obama received over 70% of the Jewish during his two runs for the presidency, and this action was nothing less than a betrayal of the Jewish people and our millennia-long connection to the Land of Israel. It was merely two weeks ago that we stood together, along with Ambassador John Bolton, Morton Klein and others, in front of the UN to warn our brethren and all Americans that the Obama administration was about to harm Israel during its final weeks. We were told by countless individuals that the president would never do that, but our fears were unfortunately proven to be all too valid.


“On the bright side, we are confident that the incoming administration of President Elect Trump will treat Israel and Palestinians who seek to peacefully coexist with Israel with far more respect, fairness and support. It was particularly encouraging to hear from many congressmen, senators, and other elected officials in both parties that they strongly disapproved of the Obama administration’s actions. We are confident that the U.S.-Israel bond remains very strong.


“Next week, we will lead a ‘U.S.-Israel Business Alliance’ mission to Israel together with Gov Mike Huckabee and will be meeting with the highest echelons of the Israeli government and business world. We will impart a resounding message of friendship and mutual support between our nations, and plan on how to strengthen our bond in the years ahead. As the lights of Chanuka illuminate the world, may God bless the Jewish people and the Land of Israel in their time of need.”