Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce & St. Kitts & Nevis UN Ambassador: Building Bridges Through Commerce >>

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce & St. Kitts & Nevis UN Ambassador: Building Bridges Through Commerce


The mission of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce of providing   networking   and relationship building opportunities   for entrepreneurs   and professionals at all levels of   the business, governmental and diplomatic worlds  is gaining wide appeal in the Caribbean Community.
On Thursday March 28th, St.  Kitts and Nevis   UN ambassador Excellency Sam.  T. Candor met with the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce President, Duvi Honig  at its 44-Wall Street office to discuss   tourism options and opportunities,    infrastructure, the economy, and how the Orthodox Jewish   Chamber of Commerce can help the tiny Caribbean island nation of less than 40,000 to gain traction in the global economy.
The   St.  Kitts & Nevis UN ambassador   told OJC president Honig that “tourism is the largest source of foreign exchange   in his country and that his country is still looking at   challenges of industrial diversification as well.”
 In mentioning the Ross University   school of veterinary   medicine that presently operates in his country, and how this institution is   boosting   the tourism industry   the ambassador also mentioned   the need to build a bridge to connect the two-island state that is presently separated    by a channel some 3 km in width.
President Honig   further expressed his appreciation   in the  way  the  Orthodox  Jewish  Chamber  of Commerce  is   empowering and supporting   the diverse business communities in   the Caribbean, while  Chairman  Morty  Davis  listed   the  ways  in which  the  Orthodox  Jewish  Chamber  of  Commerce  can    involve  the   twin island state of St.  Kitts Nevis to  achieve  their  economic  goals.
The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce  played  a vital  role  the unanimous passage of the ‘Economic Development Day Bill’ in the  state  of  New  Jersey, for increased cooperation among the business community and public officials in order to improve the state’s economic development, and   also   alliances with    j-biz expo, conference hosting at the Knesset, and government officials at the local state  and federal levels.