Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce introduces “Help Stop The Spread”  
The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce will be distributing over 50,000 masks helping our businesses be a safe place to shop while removing the financial strain from our hurting businesses and families.
"As American businesses begin to open again, it’s important we continue to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep members of our communities healthy and safe” says Duvi Honig Founder & CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce who initiated the program together with Shmuel Shifrin, the Lakewood NJ Orthodox Jewish chamber VP and President of Unlimited Pure Water.
Wearing a cloth face covering, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands are good practices that will continue to protect us and our neighbors as our economy reopens.
This enormous initiative valued at over $200,000 was created to help people stay comfortable in a high-quality reusable mask without the cost associated.
Mask are available at a first come first serve basis with priority going to the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce members.
Businesses can apply by clicking here:
About the Face Covers [in small]
• These masks are not replacing medical grade personal protective equipment such as N95 respirator masks and should not be considered a substitute for the N95. They are a source control mechanism only.
• Fabric is 100% cotton, white in color and loops over the ears. 
• Fabric has been treated with a silver and copper solution reported to have some antimicrobial properties.
• Covers may be machine washed warm up to 15 times before discarding. Tumble dry high. 
• Do not use bleach, chemicals or disinfectant to wash this product.
• If skin irritation occurs, immediately stop using the face covering. If irritation persists, consult your primary care provider.
• Be mindful when wearing this product if you have lung disease, like emphysema, or chronic heart disease. Stop using this product if you notice difficulty breathing while wearing it.