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Anthony Scaramucci keynotes Entrepreneurship, J-Biz -Skybridge Expo 2018 VIDEO


J BIZ EXPO 2018 Real Estate Hour Panel by VIDEO


2018 J-Biz Spurs Powerful Networking; Attracts Leaders in Business, Government and Major Media


Honig-Singer Resolution Establishing “Economic Development Day” Passes Committee


Trump staffer Scaramucci in Holmdel: 'I was too salty and colloquial'


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Spearheads Battle to Preserve Pro-Life Values for End of Life Care 


Mystery No More: Life for Lyme Provides Invaluable Guidance Regarding Obscure-Yet-Debilitating Lyme Disease


Anthony Scaramucci Skips Legendary Billionaires Conference; Will Deliver Keynote at J-Biz Expo in Bell Works 


Scaramucci visits Rutgers: Discusses anti-Semitism on college campuses, talks Trump and Syria


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Congratulates “Dear Friend” John Bolton on National Security Post


Hundreds Attend Trailblazing “Anglo-Israeli Empowerment Conference” in Yerushalayim


Venture Capital Pioneer Dr. Erel Margalit and Other VIPs to Present at “Anglo-Israeli Empowerment Conference” in Yerushalayim – Free admission!


OJC Announces Anglo Empowerment Conference in Jerusalem March 7, 2018


Anglo-Israeli Business Networking Reaches New Heights Following Packed OJC Networking Event 


Five Towns Welcomes Local “Small Business Alliance” Branch at Upscale Networking Event


Jewish Business World Brings Darkness to Light with Menorah Lighting atop the Freedom Tower 


New York Times interview with Duvi Honig at White House Chanakah party


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Lauds Trump Administration’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital


Exclusive Interview: Chair of Congressional National Security Subcommittee Reiterates How America Benefits from Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital 


OJC launches Israel Division with Anthony Scaramucci at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce hosts the NYXPO at Jacob Javitz Center


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Discusses Economic Issues with Fox & Friends Anchor Prior to Trump Interview 


Israel National News: Orthodox Chamber of Commerce meets with NYC mayoral candidate


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Co-Hosts Pre-Rosh Hashana Meeting with NYC Mayoral Candidate 


CEO Duvi Honig Featured in Forbes sharing Networking Tips Jewish Community Business World Basks in Positive Spotlight


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Behind Move to Support Religious Rights of Colorado Baker


Who’s Who On Huffpo: An Interview With Duvi Honig


Big Texas Hearts: perse Spectrum of Orthodox Jewry Unites to Serve Hot Meals to Devastated Houston Community


Over 1,500 Rabbanim Join Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce in Support of Anti-BDS Effort


2017 J-Biz Expo and Business Conference Attracts International Crowd of VIPs, Exhibitors and Attendees


Wall Street Giant: BDS Stands for ‘Blind, Deaf and Stupid’ by BREITBART JERUSALEM


State of New Jersey Honored by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce for its Landmark Anti-BDS Legislation


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Launches Second SBA Chapter in Queens


Jewish Chamber of Commerce Schedules US-Israel Business Alliance Mission


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Undertakes Multi-Pronged Effort to Defeat BDS


Jewish American Heritage Month. Letter from Senator Cory Booker


Duvi Honig: The Times of Israel: Our Voice Against the BDS Movement and its Apologists is Necessary – and Effective


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Reinforces and Expands Networking Reach and Public Policy Prowess


JBizRecap - Video


Brietbart: NYC Mayoral Candidate Paul Massey: New York Is Terror Target Number One, Time to Get Proactive


Brietbart: EXCLUSIVE: Watch – Israeli Envoy Dani Dayan


R’ Duvi Honig to Receive “Bonei Yerushalayim Award” at Upcoming Jerusalem Chai Dinner


Paul Massey to Deliver Keynote Address at J-Biz Expo and Business Conference


Microsoft Forges Relationship with Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce; Will Be Gold Sponsor and Prime Exhibitor at J-Biz Expo


At Swearing-In Ceremony for Israel Ambassador, DuviHonig Discusses Economic Development with Vice President


Leaders from Around the World Celebrate Opening of Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s New Wall Street Office


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Launches “Small Business Alliance”; Inaugural Lakewood event next month


Highest Echelons of Business and Political Worlds Gather at Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce VIP Dinner in Yerushalayim


Governor Mike Huckabee Headlines Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Knesset Symposium


Governor Mike Huckabee to Headline Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Mission to Israel John Bolton, Aaron Klein Caution Obama Against Lame Duck UN Offensive on Israel


J BIZ Expo 2016 Media Coverage


OJC Acknowledged on Capitol Hill


Focused Activity and Solid Gains at 2015 Parnassah Expo  


Letter from Cory Booker to Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce 


Message from President Obama to Be Delivered at Orthodox Jewish B2B Trade Show 


Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Figures Meet for Pre-Expo Planning 


Businesses/Entrepreneurs in Need of Capital


Women in the Workforce Seminar at Parnassah Expo


Parnassah Expo 2015: Join the Business World on the Floor – Exactly Where You Want To Be


Upcoming "Online Marketplace Selling" Seminar Is a Perfect Opportunity to Learn a Parnassah in One Day!


Parnassah Network Launches New Business Consulting Center  


Groundbreaking “Parnes Bais Knesses” Parnassah Initiative Closing the Gap in every community


OJC Leads Delegation to Discuss Parnassah Challenges at the White House 


High Ranking Cory Booker Deputy Visits Parnassah Network’s Lakewood Headquarters 


A Single New Address for all Business Brokerage, Venture Capital and Investments


Hundreds of Businesses Join Historic Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce


Warren Buffett and other Business Leaders Featured in New Issue of Business Network Magazine


Orthodox Community's First Ever Chamber of Commerce Launched to Service the Jewish Business World


OJC Leads Delegation to Discuss Parnassah Challenges at the White House